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Actress Nora Fathy has questioned the Rs 200 crore extortion case against Konman

The Economic Crimes Wing interrogated Nora Fathi of Delhi Police.

New Delhi:

Delhi police questioned Bollywood actress Nora Fathi for Almost four hours on Friday in Connection with Rs 200 crore extortion case linked to jailed fraudster Sukesh Chandrashekhar. Ms. Fathi was interrogated by the Economic Crimes Wing of Delhi Police.

The Enforcement Directorate had earlier questioned Sukesh Chandasekhar and Ms. Fathi together on suspicion of money laundering. This query also part of ED . charge sheet in The money Pass Buildings of Extortion case.

When questioned by the investigative agency, Ms. Fathi denied speaking to the fraudster prior to December 12, 2020, while Sukesh claimed that he had spoken to her two weeks prior to that after event.

On a luxury BMW car allegedly gifted To her, Ms. Fathy claimed that she said “Okay” when she was initially shown to car by Sukesh, but later said she didn’t need He. She. “So I reported this to Bobby, and Bobby spoke to Sukish in This connection. I told Bobby to take car If he gets this chance, Bobby Khan is a family Friend of Bollywood actor. The fraudster responded to this as well, saying that gifted The car directly Mrs. Fathi and family A friend who has nothing to do with He. She.

investigation agency was also Asked if there is an exchange of expensive gifts like Luxurious bags in between. Ms. Fathy said this never happened, claiming she was in public gifted Gucci bag and Iphone 12 at a price event where she was the main guest.

But Sukesh Chandrashekhar said he did gifted Four bags of Bollywood actress – hand-picked – along with some money. Bags have been picked up By Ms. Fathi’s employees in a Mumbai mall, he claimed.

It is alleged that Sukesh Chandrashekhar extorted around Rs 215 crore from Aditi Singh and Shivender Singh – former promoters of Pharmaceutical giant Ranbaxy.

Sukesh Chandrasekhar and his wife Lina Maria Paul were sent to pretrial detention by the Delhi Court for three days. in Connection with 200 crores extortionate case. They were arrested under the ban of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) for Running racket extortion from Delhi jail.

Nora Fathi said earlier that Lina Maria Paul called her and put the phone on The spokeswoman, Sukesh thanked her and said it was her fans. is then announced that they were on their way to gift have a brand-new BMW car K token of Love and generosity.

Ms. Fathi’s statements were recorded in Section 50 of protection of Money Laundering Act 2002 twice in 2021 where she mentioned she got a reservation for Charity event And during eventshe was gifted Gucci and . bag one iPhone by Sukesh’s wife.

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