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Actress Jacqueline Fernandez laundered money, says enforcement agency

The actor was questioned earlier in Connection with the case

New Delhi:

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez has been named an accused in The money laundering issue against Konman Sukesh Chandrashkar, who facing accusations of Extortionate up to a whopping 200 crore rupees.

The perpetrator has been named the accused in Supplementary accusations sheet filed in Delhi Court by the Directorate of Enforcement (ED), which investigates money Pass Buildings in Extortion case. Earlier, the Delhi Police arrested Chandrashkar for It is alleged that around Rs 215 crore has been extorted from members of Aditi Singh and Shivinder Singh of The former promoters of Pharmaceutical giant Ranbaxy. take knowledge of In the Delhi Police case, Ed . started money laundering probe.

so first The accusations newspaper reported how Chandrashekar used the alleged scammer money. In the supplementary charge sheet, it is alleged that Chandrashkar presented Fernandez gifts worth over 5 crore of the amount he cheated. The actress has been described as an accused, claiming that she was aware that gifts Purchased from the proceeds of The crime.

“Sukesh Chandrasekhar has given various gifts worth 5.71 crore rupees for Jacqueline Fernandez in revenue of crime Created by criminal Activities including extortion. Chandrasekhar had directed Pinky Irani, his longtime accused aide and partner in This case to deliver said gifts her,” then said ED in a permit.

Earlier, ED . was attached assets Belongs to the actor and was also interrogate her. Agency in Rs 7 crore in April has been provisionally attached assets of The actor is under ban of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

between these gifts they are a horse worth 52 lakh rupees and a Persian cat worth ED sources said 9 lakh rupees. Sources also Chandrashekar allegedly gave huge sums of money to me family Individuals of Mrs. Fernandez. she had also The sources said that designer bags and clothes are from luxury brands Gucci and Chanel. Chandrasekhar . was also I gave 15 rupees to a screenwriter on behalf of Fernandez as an introduction for writing web series projectthat they added.

Mrs. Fernandez is Sri Lankan national And the made to her debut in Indian film industry in 2009.

The emergency department arrested a total of eight people in This issue. These include Chandeshkhar and his wife, Lina Maria Paul.

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