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Act PACT: Virginia secretary says Republican-backed amendments to the quarry burning law lead normalize of care for veterinarians


Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough on Sunday pushed back against Republicans in the Senate block the passage of supported by the administration Law on MAP, warning what if the camera passes GOP Senators Propose Legislative Amendment To Provide Care for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits, “we may have to limit care for for veterans.”

McDonough told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of Union” that Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey’s proposed amendment would put ” year-on-year lid” on what can VA spend take care for veterans suffering from burns and fund declines in 10 years, telling Tupper “I can’t, in good conscience, do it because the result of this will be normalization of care for veterinarians, that’s what I just Can not sign on”.

“That was priority #1 for President Biden,” McDonough said, touting the executive’s actions. steps Biden administration already taken to relieve the burden of proof for veterans ask for help for toxic impact. “I think I would say that these people have been waiting long enough. let’s just do it and also let’s not be for a sentence that puts an artificial caps on year by year and then functionally, at the end of these 10 years make this fund disappear. Let’s not sign up to because at the end of day, risk of this will be normalization of caring for veterans.

On Saturday McDonough visited people demonstration at the Capitol in support of legislation, pizza delivery in group, who promised to stay overnight. president Joe Biden, who remains in isolation at the White House after a positive test result again for COVID-19 on Saturday, told group via face time call”That’s what I’ll tell you as long as I have breath in I, I’m going fight to make it – as long as I have breath in to me.”

Previously on “State of Union,” defended Toomey decision to lead a group of Republican senators in passage delay of check.

Pennsylvania Republican Blames Democrats of an attempt to slip away in something completely unrelated to what they know never could pass on his own,” while repeating that he and his fellow Republicans “do not mind” the substantive of check.

“[Democrats] know they will unleash their allies in in media and maybe make a pseudo-celebrity up false charges to try and get us to just swallow something that shouldn’t be there,” Toomey said. in an obvious reference to comedian John Stewart, longtime advocate for victims of toxic burn poisoning who has been vocal since the procedural vote failed.

Toomey’s opposition to billing centers on accounting categorization of certain expenses in bill, which he said would “allow our Democratic colleagues go on $400 billion in unrelated spending increases.” He said he wants vote on his amendment to change the category of expenses before he agrees allow bill come to vote.

“We’re spending way too much money to use – hide behind veterans account, opportunity to go on $400 billion in unrelated spending increases wrongToomey said. “And we shouldn’t allow It.”

When you press on text of legislation that specifies money must be spent on healthcare for veterans who were injured as a result of exposure to the toxic burn pit, Toomey rejected this interpretation of check.

“That’s why they do things like this. of thing,” Toomey said. who does not work for re-elect it year. ’cause it gets real deep in weeds and very confusing for people very fast. It’s not really about veteran expenses. What category is this of government they did the bookkeeping veteran expenses in”.

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