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accused Briton of the murder of his terminally ill wife after 56 years of marriage “in horror” ahead of trial in Cyprus | UK News

Accused British of murder of his terminally ill wife in Cyprus is ‘scared’ as it prepares for face court, his daughter saysbecause she expressed her fear that he die behind bars in case of conviction.

David Hunter should appear in court on Thursday over in death of its 75-year- old wife Janice in their apartment on in island last December.

Presumably she was strangled by Mr. Hunter. who then tried to commit suicide by overdosing, but survived.

75-year-old former miner, who from Northumberlandface life imprisonment if found guilty after asking for alternate charge of “assist suicide” was rejected.

upcoming of court, couple daughter told Sky News to her father haunted by memories of her mother “scream in pain” during it battle with terminal blood cancer and catalog of other health problems.

Leslie Cawthorne has now called on the Cypriot judges to preside over the thing is show “compassion,” saying, “My dad doesn’t risk society.”

She said “My daddy told me what happened and I didn’t reason not to believe him or think otherwise than what he tells me truth.

“My mum made her wishes clear and my dad helped her.

“She is just wanted it will end. She doesn’t want to fight. She doesn’t want treatment.

“She doesn’t want long, tight death. She’s had enough and she just wanted go.”

David Hunter facing trial in Cyprus accused of the murder of his wife Janice. Pictured: Leslie Cawthorne

“She couldn’t go upstairs to go to bed every night”

Mr and Mrs Hunter, who we were together for 56 years old and teenagers in love, moved to Cyprus 20 years ago after retiring.

But in her later life, Mrs. Hunter – former corner shop worker – was left in severe pain due to her health problems and her “quality of life has noticeably diminished, her daughter said.

Mrs Cawthorne told Sky News: “I’m not really know how bad things were.

“Since then my father has told me…they were very dark. She was in a lot of of pain.

“She had rheumatoid arthritis, which caused a lot of of pain and affected her mobility.

“She had a cataract, she had growth on her ovaries removed she had her appendix removed she had knee replacement surgery she had skin cancer on her hands and on her face.

“She was in very bad health. that was cute of one thing after another.”

Mrs. Cawthorne who life in Norwich, told her father described her mother quality of life in her final weeks as “non-existent”.

Janice and David Hunter, pictured on their wedding day, were together for 56 years old.  Pictured: Leslie Cawthorne
Janice and David Hunter, pictured on their wedding day, were together for 56 years old. Pictured: Leslie Cawthorne

“She couldn’t go upstairs to go to bed every night,” said Mrs Cawthorne.

“They slept very often side on side in their chairs.

“She had chronic diarrhea and my dad made diapers for her. out of towels.

“Because of the pain she was inshe really couldn’t sleep very well.

“She had a hard time swallowing so she found him hard eating and drinking, which obviously affected her energy levels.

“AT last a few days later her vision began to fade.

“The matter was very bad.”

undated family handout photo of David Hunter, 74, and Janice Hunter, 75, as Mr. Hunter denies killing his wife. in Cyprus as its lawyers try to get indicted changed to promote suicide.  Mr Hunter, from Northumberland in guarded facing trial in April accused of killing    his wife Janice in their apartment in Pathos in December.  Mr Hunter pleaded not guilty plea to accusation of murder    at the Paphos District Court on Thursday.  Release date: Thursday, February 10, 2022
David and Janice Hunter were together for 56 years old

“It was alive nightmare’

Mr and Mrs Hunter were found in their home in village of Tremitus in Pathos on December 18th.

Mrs Cawthorne said she heard about it from her uncle. who told her that her mother died and her father – who was in intensive care – tried kill myself.

“I was devastated,” she said.

“I literally felt like Earth just gone from under me.

“It was terrible, because at that moment I didn’t know if my dad were alive.”

Mrs Cawthorne said it took almost 24 hours before she was confirmed that she father It was survived.

“It was really traumatic,” she said. added.

“I assumed the worst. I thought my father was probably dead. It was terrible.

“Life was terrible for in last Kind of five months. It was alive nightmare.”

After Mr. Hunter was indicted with his wife’s murderhis lawyers wrote to the Cypriot lawyer general ask for obligation to be reduced assisted suicide – but the request was denied.

Leslie Cawthorne (left) in the photo with her parents on Lake Garda in Italy in 1988. Photo: Leslie Cawthorne
Leslie Cawthorne (left) in the photo with her parents on Lake Garda in Italy in 1988. Photo: Leslie Cawthorne

Exchange prison cell with eleven men

Mr Hunter – who pleaded not guilty to murder charge – spent more than five months behind bars awaiting trial in cell with up up to 11 others daughter said.

She is added that her father”emotional condition of mind” is “very, very fragile.”

“It really, really hurts him to talk about it,” she said.

“He’s literally chasing in his dream memories of her cry in pain (during illness).

“He’s really injured.

“He misses my mom so much. Fifty-six years, that’s almost a lifetime, isn’t it?

“His like he is missing a limb. he doesn’t really know what to do without it.

“He was completely lost without my mom.

“He in very bad way.

“He’s very lonely… he’s scared.”

ID:133533691 Upload date: November 18, 2011
The hunters lived in Cyprus for 20 years

“He will not last 10-15 years. in prison’

Mrs Cawthorne… who talking to her father on telephone twice per day – cannot attend court due to heart disease and fear of flight.

She said he faced a mandatory life sentence if found guilty of murder, with law group Justice abroad says the minimum term is 12 years old.

“He won’t last 10-15 years. in prison”Mrs Cawthorne added.

“He’s terrified… he’s very, very scared.”

The court will consider three judges on Thursday and Friday, with further hearings pending over in next few weeks.

In a direct message to the presiding judges over case, Ms Cawthorne said: “I absolutely understand their culture and their beliefs, and we have great respect for Cyprus because he gave me parents great pension.

“But if they could find him in them show a little compassion for me and my family and let my dad back then I would be extremely grateful because they would fulfill my family the greatest service and we will forever in them debt.”

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Mrs Cawthorne said she hoped her father would be allowed walk free from trial after trial, and he could”spend rest of its time” with his family.

“Miners don’t tend to make old bones,” she said. added.

“He spent best part of 40 years down pit. He is not in in best of health.

“He is not risk to anyone. My dad is not risk society.”

Defense lawyers argue with David Hunter should be cleansed of murder

Barrister Michael Polak, director of Justice abroad, which supporting Mr Hunter said the defense lawyers would call for judges clear British of murder.

He said he wrote a 14 page request drawing on jurisprudence from around the world claiming that Mr Hunter should No face a murder accusation.

However, he said he got two paragraphs reply from a Cypriot lawyer general request rejection, with no reasons given.

Mr Polak said he was “surprised” by the decision, saying, “It’s pretty clear to anyone who looks at the case that this is not the case when murder is the most appropriate accusation.”

He said that “there has never been a case of euthanasia”. in Cyprus before.

“It would be great if the lawyer general changed his opinion with about charging decision”, Polak said.

“If he doesn’t, we fight court and David is very determined fight a business.

“He doesn’t consider himself a killer.

“We don’t think David deserves spend rest of his life in prison in Cyprus. He good human. He was with his wife for they have been in a relationship for a very long time for over 50 years.

“Not one – even people in The Cyprus I spoke to thinks it deserves to be on trial for murder.”

Anyone who feels emotionally depressed or suicidal can call Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email [email protected] in United Kingdom. IN THE USA, call branch of the Samaritans in your area or 1 (800) 273-TALK.

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