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According to Gartner, a lack of talent is hampering emerging technology projects

Deployment costs hinder 29 percent of emerging technologies and security risks hold back 7 percent of emerging technologies. Gartner 437 IT organizations have reviewed more than 100 emerging technology deployment plans. However, the challenges do not completely slow down emerging technology investments. According to Gartner, six out of 10 leaders have increased or plan to increase investment in emerging technologies this year.

Automation skills are highly sought after and challenging in recruitment. The lack of automation talent affects how well organizations can move forward in automation projects. According to Gartner, the availability of talent was the main acceptance risk factor in three-quarters of IT automation technologies. Only 20 percent of IT automation technologies have advanced in the adoption cycle since 2020.

Geng believes that management could involve other business units in influencing emerging technology decisions or create talent development programs that which qualify talent for emerging technology projects

In its view, organizations should focus more on creating long-term talent plans. “This obviously involves recruitment, but they also need to think about things like training and development and how to develop the right career path for their employees,” he added.

Talent development it not only equips businesses with the skills to manage emerging technologies, but can also increase employee engagement and retention. This joins not only in recruiting on the basis of difficult skills, but also in terms of potential, with an emphasis on training to match candidates to the role.

to our customers, and these people stayed here for a long time and then returned their investment to the company that invested in their growth, ”said Candace Bracher, Addison Group’s chief IT recruiter for CIO Dive.

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