Home Gaming Abandoned trailer app launches Tuesday on PS5, announcement via Keighley follows

Abandoned trailer app launches Tuesday on PS5, announcement via Keighley follows

Abandoned trailer app launches Tuesday on PS5, announcement via Keighley follows
The special trailer app for the PlayStation 5 game Abandoned will launch on console next Tuesday, it has been confirmed.
Hasan Kahraman, the founder of Dutch developer Blue Box Game Studios told Gamer.nl on the phone that the previously announced app will launch on June 22. With the Abandoned Realtime Trailers PS5 app, the system should actually render trailers itself, which should ensure the most accurate rendering. The developer likens it to playing a demo, albeit a demo that players have no control over.

Kahraman said in the phone call that no trailer for the game will be shown in the app next Tuesday, but that it is clearly explained how the app works and what people can expect. The technical aspects behind Abandoned should also be discussed in more detail. Incidentally, according to Kahraman, the app will not yet launch in China and Japan on that day.

Abandoned was unveiled earlier this year via PlayStation Blog and is set in a detailed game world. The game revolves around Jason Longfield, who suddenly awakens in this forest. He doesn’t remember how he got here, but eventually remembers that he was kidnapped. His main goal is to escape. Realism should play an important role in Abandoned. For example, Jason shoots less accurately when he is out of breath – for example from running or fear.

The game has been in the news since its unveiling because fans suspect that Kahraman is not actually the developer of the game. game is – it is speculated that Abandoned is the new game from Metal Gear and Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima. In a recently completed interview by Gamer.nl, Kahraman already stated that this is not true. In recent days, however, the rumors have increased again on the internet, and today Gamer.nl once again told a story in the telephone conversation. Kahraman again denies, saying that there is also an enormous pressure on his shoulders because of the rumours. According to him, it doesn’t matter what he does to prove that Kojima has nothing to do with it – many gamers still stick with it.

Until Finally, Kahraman said on Tuesday, the same as the PS5 app launches, an announcement will be made with journalist and The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley. That announcement is made through Keighley’s social media channels. The content is unknown.

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