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Ab, Laxman ke naam: Yogi Adityanath’s Tweet, Statue set off Modern of Rename Lucknow

Adityanath set off feverish speculation regarding this when, on Monday welcoming the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Uttar Pradesh He tweeted in the capital: “Shishavatar Bhagwan Laxman Ki Pawan Nagri Lucknow Mein Apka Swagat Aur Abinandan (Welcome to city of Lord Laxman). “

The theory that Lucknow is distorted version of What was originally a name inspired by the name of Lord Ram brother Laxman one of Several regarding city name. However, the BJP has long embraced Laxman’s theory, with many of of Its leaders are raised periodically demand That the name of Lucknow be changed to “Lakshmanpuri”.

Besides, Adityanath’s tweet indicates that the government’s intention to project Lucknow in the name of city of Laxman, if not renamed, came days after Lucknow Mayor Sanyukta Bhatiya revealed plans By Lucknow Municipal Corporation to set up Statue 151 feet tall of Laxman along the Gomti River.

Through Adityanath first regime, veteran BJP leader and current ruler of Rajasthan demanded Kalraj Mishra to rename Lucknow to Laxmanpuri.

He said that if it was done unanimously, it would be help people Connection with the culture of that era.

while the decision for Statue was taken during term of The last Municipal councils termThe place of The installation can not be completed, and it was placed later on backburner after Covid. Opinion polls to elect next The municipal company is round The corner.

Bhatia told The Indian Express that the company sent the offer for location Along Gomti to government. She said her management wouldn’t do that just install a grand statue of Laxman but also “Back the glory of Laxmanpuri”, as the gateway to Ayodhya, the city of RAM.

When I became mayor of Lucknow, my country first The desire to deliver city with that it history. for us city Laxman was initially known as Laxmanpuri but the name was slowly converted to Lucknow. Date shows He was city of Laxman, whose dedication to his work people It was not less than that of RAM, for Who is the Temple built, said Bhatia, adding that their hope was that Laxman’s statue would appear “as a point of inspiration,” and that it should stop. for Pilgrims heading to or returning from Ayodhya.

The mayor said 15 crore rupees was already also set aside for The statue by the company, was raised more funds for a grand stationed. “This rule would be nice of Museum on Laxman, file show history of Laxmanpuri… We are planning a full hookup project with the river development. “

Rajendra Chaudhry, leader of the Socialist Party, said, “It is not surprising that they are now talking about Lucknow as the land of Lakshman as is in According with their agenda. Their agenda does not include future Planning for the poor, the disadvantaged and the unemployed.”


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