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“Aap iske chakkar mein…”: Nitish Kumar, KCR video goes viral | India latest news

As President of Telangana minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday met Chief of Bihar minister Nitish Kumar, video clip of Their press conference went viral, courtesy of BJP leaders. That was when KCR was asked about the alliance of opposition parties for 2024 Lok Sabha elections and whether Congress will get a role in He. She. In the video, it can be seen that during the operation of KCR in In his answer to the question, Nitish Kumar urges him to reject such questions. Vice President of Bihar minister It was Tegashui Yadav also present at the stage.

“I have never seen such a press conference. KCR insulted Nitish Kumar,” BJP leader Giriraj Singh said. Amit Malviya of BJP, on On the other hand, he said it’s KCR who insulted “Did KCR travel to Patna to receive the humiliation like this is? Nitish Kumar didn’t even give him basic Compliment of completing his point of view in press interaction. Nitish was dismissive of KCR pleas to let him finish. But this is Nitish Kumar. Self-conceited. KCR . request for She…,” Malviya tweeted along with video clip.

Sushil Modi wrote, “Nitesh Kumar has contacted KCR to seal his candidacy for The post of Prime Minister. But KCR didn’t even take his name. i got netishge up I tried to leave the stage. Congress leaders chanted the name of Rahul Gandhi. what could be more insulting than this?

What happened between Nitish Kumar and KCR on The theater?

KCR was asked for his opinion on Nitish Kumar as Prime Minister post rival in 2024 – Speculation that spread after the change of Protect in Bihar in Stopped by Nitish Kumar with Congress and RJD Walk out of NDA Alliance. “Who am I to say this? If I say this, someone might object. Why are you in Such a rush? Leaves us Sit down and talk about this first, said KCR. The question prompted Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi to leave their seats and stand up possible In reference to the end of the press conference. “I’m sitting, you also Please have a seat,” KCR told a journalist.

KCR also pointed out for Nitish Kumar to sit down who with a smile on for him face He was saying that the press conference was over.

“Why do you ask this question?” Nitish Kumar said when KCR was asked if Rahul Gandhi would be Prime Minister face of common opposition. When KCR started answering this question, Nitish Kumar again I got up KCR urged not to indulge in this question.

“We will work hard to bring all the opposition parties together. We will sit and discuss. Everything will be decided.” in You will be notified unanimously in Details because he does not take the wedding place without the Brahmins. Nothing can happen without you (media),” KCR said. By this time, Nitish Kumar and journalists have taken his name (Prime Minister face of opposition), pointed out for They have to stop.

Nitish Kumar told KCR that KCR asked him to sit down down. “AAP iske shuk min hand mat (Don’t fall into their traps), Nitish Kumar told KCR.

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