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A woman confronted by a man whose son was bitten by her dog. Her response is…

the incident took place in Charms Castle Association is located in Rajnagar Supplement.

a new Video from Charms Castle Association in Ghaziabad, where a dog Biting a child inside the elevator, on the roof online. He. She shows argument between dog owner and father of Child. The woman was seen in the basement of Residential complex after dog attackas the child claims father in the video. The new section shows The dog Owner walking with her pet in the basement of Flat building.

Child father And the woman is arguing with each other. In the video, the man is heard saying that the woman refuses to accept her mistake Or reveal its lump number.

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Earlier, CCTV footage showed a pet dog Biting the boy inside the elevator on Monday had spread so fast on Internet. Show the pet dog onslaught on A child and bite it, even if a dog appeared owner on.

was the boy already Present in The elevator when the woman walked in with her pet dog on leash. As the child moved forward of the elevator dog jump up Bite the child on the leg.

The boy replied immediately with Pain and started jumping up And the down on one Foot. However, surprisingly, the pet owner kept looking at the boy and did not react.

The footage prompted a response from Ghaziabad police. Officials said they registered a case on the basis of on complaint of The parents. “Legal action is being taken as a complaint has been lodged at Nangram police station,” the policemen said.

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