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A UN call to stop the fighting in Ethiopia… and Washington: There is no military solution to the conflict

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Wednesday called for an immediate end to the fighting in Ethiopia and urged the leaders there, in statements he made from Bogota, the capital of Colombia, to follow the example of the peace process in that country.

Guterres added in statements Made with Colombian President Ivan Duque, “The peace process in Colombia today inspires me to make an urgent call to the supporters of the conflict in Ethiopia for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.”

Guterres visited Colombia to mark the five-year anniversary of the peace agreement Between the government and the leftist FARC rebels

The war broke out in Ethiopia in November 2020 in Tigray territory between the federal forces and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. The conflict in July spread to two neighboring regions in the north of the country.

Guterres said that a cessation of fighting in Ethiopia would allow dialogue between Ethiopians and allow the country to contribute again to the stability of the region. “I would very much like Colombia to set an example for leaders in Ethiopia to follow.” The eligibility in the African country, after the Ethiopian government announced that its president, Abiy Ahmed, went to the front to lead the government forces in their fight against rebels from the Tigray region (north). On reports that Prime Minister Abyei is today on the front lines, and on those that quoted high-ranking Ethiopian athletes, parliamentarians, party and regional leaders as saying that they, in turn, would join the Prime Minister on the front lines of the front. We urge all parties to refrain from inflammatory and hostile rhetoric, to exercise restraint, respect human rights, allow humanitarian access and protect civilians.”

To manage the war effort from the front lines, the Vice President of the Ministers Demeke Mekonnen will take over the routine affairs of the government in his absence, citing Reuters.

Fighting continues between the Tigray People’s Liberation Forces and the Ethiopian army, while the front is approaching the Ethiopian capital after controlling important areas near the capital of Tigray region, while officials in Addis Ababa confirmed during a meeting with diplomats that the security forces which includes groups of young people working to ensure the security of the capital.

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