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A tractor cart with more than 20 farmers falls into a river in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh

Villagers and police gathered near the Jara River near Bali, Hardoi.

Hardoy, UP:

tractor trolley with over 20 farmers on board fell into a river in Hardoi district in Uttar Pradesh this morning – 13 swam out But the rescue for And the rest is on.

“The men who came out has been defined six others who they were with of them, which at least means that those many are still missing. But they said there were at least twenty people District Judge Avinash Kumar said: who He was running the rescue. This means the number of Missing men may cross 10.


The farmers were returning to their village from a nearby mandi after selling the cucumber crop, when one of The wheels of the tractors came off on Gara River Bridge in Bali area. Eyewitness Shyam Singh said the tractor swerved, broke through the fence, and pulled the wagon and passengers into the water.

“We called in divers; We have not yet been able to locate and withdraw out The vehicle. Cranes are ready for This,” said the officer. Downstream, too, we have set up nets under bridges.

A large number of The villagers also gathered, along with the police, to help get the men out.


families of There were a lot of cultivators too of They cry out of fear of the worst.


District Judge Avinash Kumar on the spot.

“We called for State response to disasters forcedelusion should Stay here anytime now.”

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