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A Sin City NFT is the most expensive artwork sold by Frank Miller

American cartoonist and filmmaker, Frank Miller, famous for his Sin City and 300 comics, auctioned a non-expendable token (NFT) of an original artwork titled I Love You, Nancy Callahan . At the bidding, the artist reaped USD 840,000, the highest price ever paid for a piece by the artist.

Miller decided to jump into the world of NFTs with an animated work that includes sound and in which recreates an original scene from the graphic novel Sin City : the death of Detective Hartigan. In this facet of his extensive artistic career, the cartoonist partnered with the video game companies of the ecosystem NFT Gala Games and Concept Art House.

The unique piece was put up for sale to the highest bidder in a 24-hour period through the Opensea collectible token market. The work was contested in a bidding war in which the price rose from 435,000 to 591,000 dollars, and then ended up in the hands of whoever stood at USD 840,986 dollars .

Frank Miller, in association with Gala Labs and Concept Art House, created an NFT series to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Sin City graphic novel. Source: FrankMiller.io.

The most expensive comic NFT in history?

The amount places the comic book NFT as the most expensive artwork ever sold by Frank Miller. The most valuable piece of his art is the cover he made for The Dark Knight Returns by DC Comic, which is currently valued at $ 1.3 million, although it is not for sale.

According to data from the comic hall of fame, Heritage Auctions, the collectible I Love You, Nancy Callahan would rank as the third most expensive comic book artwork sold at auction , so it may be the first in NFT format.

The creator of the comic is also releasing a series of NFTs, all from Sin City , which have been going on sale progressively. Among these pieces is Marv, another of the comic book characters, who was tokenized as a 3D glass sculpture and is autographed by Miller himself.

All digital collectibles were created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Sin City . The graphic novel debuted on the pages of Dark Horse Comics in 1991 and did so with The Hard Goodbye . The story begins with ex-con Marv spending the night with a woman named Goldie, who ends up dead, setting Marv on the hunt for his killer.

Comic book characters are often popular as NFT, as made clear last year by the Argentine José Delbo, one of the DC and Marvel cartoonists, who exhibited his works in the gallery of the decentralized virtual universe Decentraland. As reported by CriptoNoticias at that time, the community turned to appreciate and buy the artist’s tokenized pieces.

There is currently a frantic pace of development in the ecosystem of NFT, where digital collectible cards like CryptoPunks and Bored Apes are getting millions of dollars from the interest the world is depositing on them.

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