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A school bus in Mumbai carrying students disappeared shortly hours

According to the Mumbai police, all the students were safe. The driver of It was the bus new So he did not know of The roads that led to the bus delay.

all the students in The bus returned safely to homes. (Representative image: Pixabay)

Worried parents The gates have arrived of Poddar School in Santa Cruz in Mumbai area on The two demanded clarification from the school administration when he did not reach their wards home Even after the bus was left School building at 12:30 pm.

phone number of The bus driver I was also Transformation offin addition to parents’ concerns.

In the end, after four hourswhen children is back homeThe parents found out that driver was not aware of roads and then took a lot of time.

as reports of A missing school bus began to appear, Mumbai police clarified the whole situation. They said that the bus driver I was new and not aware of roads leading To the bus is late.

“The parents were worried about children They were late and got to school. But this bus is safe, all students on It is safe. The school driver will be reported for Two days as he did not do know The roads on which school buses will be closed. There were 25-30 students on DCP Shivaji Rathod said.

Statement issued by the school administration signed by Hina Shah, CEO of Annandilal and Ganesh Poddar Association which runs The school said, “We are sorry for any inconvenience caused for our students and parents because of delay in Experience the transportation services today. Transportation service providers are comprehensively retrained on ensure For transportation services to return to normal in Coming days.”

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