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A scene not suitable for the faint of heart.. A player brutally assaults a referee

Brazilian police arrested the player William Ribeiro of Sao Paulo club in the city of Venancio Aires after violently assaulting a referee during the match.

The police removed the player from Edmundo Stadium Fix, after referee Rodrigo Crivelaro fell to the ground and kicked him brutally on the head, because he had given him a yellow card. Local media, while the score was 1-0 in favor of Guarani.

While Sao Paulo Club expressed its regret over what happened, and said in a statement that there is no tournament worth venturing into a human life, wishing referee Rodrigo Crivelaro an improvement in his condition, stressing that Nothing justifies aggression.”

Furthermore, according to Brazilian reports, the player will face a charge of attempted murder, and a lawyer was immediately assigned to him to follow up the case proceedings.

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