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HomeWorldA Russian helicopter crashes in a Turkish area of ​​influence in Al-Hasakah

A Russian helicopter crashes in a Turkish area of ​​influence in Al-Hasakah

A Russian helicopter made an emergency landing today, Sunday, within the areas of influence of the Turkish forces and their loyal factions north of Hasakah in Syria.

In addition, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported an emergency landing of one of the military helicopters of the Russian Air Force in Hasakah countryside in northern Syria.

Moscow confirmed that the crew members are alive, denying the reports that one of them was killed while the Mi-35 helicopter was carrying out an air patrol over Hasakah province, noting that its crew members were rushed to the airport and there is no danger to them.

The plane landed between the villages of Qasimiya and Rihaniyeh in the countryside of Tal Tamr, north of Hasaka, which is under Turkish influence near the al-Mabaqer base, which the Russian forces use as a military base.

Joint patrols

Yesterday, Saturday, the Syrian Observatory monitored a patrol of the Russian forces in the countryside of Qamishli, where It toured the villages of Kordemia, Habb al-Hawa, Bura Beit, and Ein Dewar, which are adjacent to the border line with Turkey, and the patrol consisted of 5 armored vehicles and 4 helicopters.

A similar patrol also toured the areas of Qamishli, Darbasiyah and Abu Rasin, reaching Tal Tamr in rural Al-Hasakah.

On February 25, a joint Russian-Turkish patrol ran from the Shirek area, b The participation of 5 Russian and 4 Turkish vehicles, amid the flight of Russian helicopters, and the joint patrol headed to the villages of Dahr al-Arab, Kasra, Kairouan, Tel Dahila, Kukund, Hajogli, Atishan, Quneitra and Qurmaniyah, west of the city of Darbasiyah in the countryside of Hasaka, before returning to the starting point.

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