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A Russian Blockchain Referendum Voter Managed to ‘Spoil Their Ballot’

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Russian electoral authorities are declaring success in the nation’s current referendum on constitutional reform– which saw the nation utilize a blockchain-powered ballot platform for the first time on a national scale. One tech- smart voter appears to have actually pulled off an amazing task– by ruining their blockchain-powered tally paper.

As formerly reported, people in the cities of Moscow and Nizhniy Novgorod were provided the alternative of casting their votes by means of smart device or computer, with 1 million Muscovites and 140,000 homeowners of Nizhniy Novgorod signing up to vote.

Nevertheless, electoral authorities appear to have actually been flummoxed by one person, who signed up to vote and after that discovered a method to vote neither “for” not “against,” the only 2 alternatives readily available on the survey.

Rather, authorities specified that the (clearly extremely extremely computer-literate) voter rather managed to gain access to the blockchain to compose an encrypted message in code. As the network might neither acknowledge this message as a vote in favor or versus, it neglected the message and did not count thevote The organizers specified that the vote originated from a Muscovite who clearly had “developing skills or advanced internet usage skills.”

Fellow Crypto and moscow-resident financial investment consultant Dmitriy Zaikov informed Cryptonews.com,

“If I had the technical skills to spoil my ballot paper, I would have done the same thing. Kudos to that voter, I hope he wrote something interesting!”

The head of Moscow’s clever jobs department, Artem Kostyrko, informed press reporters (per TASS) that 601,096 Moscow-based citizens cast their lots in favor of the federal government’s proposed constitutional changes utilizing the blockchain platform, with 363,341 ballot versus in the capital.

Overall turnout in the blockchain tally was over 93%, per official figures. Citizens in the combined paper and blockchain vote extremely enacted favor of the federal government propositions, with 77% in favor of the constitutional changes that would enable President Vladimir Putin to extend his term as the country’s leader beyond 2022.
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