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A rival in love is accused of Killing Star cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson shortly before a gravel locomotive race in Austin, Texas

When Anna’s friend Moriah Wilson arrived home to her apartment in Austin late on May 11 when Wilson lies. on the earth is unconscious and covered in blood is left bicycling world in shock.

25-year-old Vermont native known as Mo to her friends, just arrived in Texas eve compete in Gravel Locos that weekend, 150 mile gravel bike race she was favored win.

She quit her job just weeks earlier to compete full-time, according to VeloNews, who described her in profile as “Most Winning Woman in American off the road scene”.

Wilson was shot several times. times inside the apartment in what Austin police later called a targeted killing.

in stunning update on On Friday, police filed charges against a yoga teacher and fellow cyclist Caitlin Marie Armstrong, 34, with first-degree of murderKVUE reported. Armstrong was in relations with Human who It was also was involved with Wilson, investigators say. in en arrest affidavit received Boston Globe.

According to the statement, friend who hosted Wilson, at her East Austin apartment, told police that she left home around 17:30 on May 11 and later received a message from Wilson. who said she was dating a male friend for swim

Investigators say Armstrong dated a man and Wilson also romantic relationship with his in in past when he and Armstrong were separated. The man introduced himself on Friday as Colin Strickland, another gravel cycling champion. who attractions for Red Bull and also runs a business with Armstrong repairs tractor trailers.

Just before 6:00 pm, Wilson entered the apartment. using a key the code. The code has been accessed again at 20:36 and neighbor security camera captured SUV pulling up to the apartment at the time, notes the affidavit. Then Wilson’s friend arrived. home around 10 pm to find her on bathroom floor “coated in blood.”

Police say the SUV belonged to Armstrong. who life with Strickland. This prompted the police to conduct a search of Armstrong’s South Austin. home this week, but it’s not clear what evidence was collected, if any.

In an interview with police, outlined in affidavit, Strickland claimed to have dumped Wilson back at a friend’s apartment around 20:30 after for swim He admitted that he and Armstrong have 9mm pistols. in them home. He denied any involvement in Wilson death and was not charged with any offences.

AT statement to local media on FridayStrickland said he and Wilson one- relationship week in late 2021 when Wilson was visiting Austin. According to him, they were both recently single, but about a month after Wilson left Austin he got back together with Armstrong. He said he often saw Wilson at competitions. events, and they sometimes trained together.

“[W]e was not in romantic relationships, only platonic and professional one,” he said. “It was not my intention to maintain an auxiliary romantic relationship that would be misleading. anyone”.

He said he felt “regret and torture” about his proximity to “terrible crime”.

Armstrong worked in Austin office of real Real estate agency Kuper Realty, writes the company in December 2021 blog post and Facebook post which has since been removed.

post described her as a “tenacious agent” and “an avid cyclist”. who also teaches yoga and co-founded Wheelhouse Mobile, a vintage trailer renovation Company. Wheelhouse website says she started a company in 2021 with her partner, Strickland, who is a Red Bull athlete.

Kuper Realty, Wheelhouse Mobile and Strickland did not immediately respond to emails and phone calls asking comment. Did not have clear if Armstrong hadn’t already hired a lawyer.

In a statement released shortly after her death, Wilson family called her death “inconceivable.”

“[A]at the same time we want all on join us in celebrating her life, achievements and love for others,” they wrote. “Always relentlessly striving to achieve her goals, we knew she was pursuing what she loves. We will miss her terribly and know that everyone mourns for her with us”.


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