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A new statesman on the cybersecurity palette


The Regulated Activities Oversight Authority (SZTFH) was established to create a stable and predictable operating and regulatory environment for priority sectors such as gambling, tobacco, mining and exploration. And from January 1, 2022, the National Assembly expanded the powers of the Cyber ​​Security Tasks Administration, thereby contributing to the development and functionality of the digital economy.

Networking and information systems and services play a vital role in society and have become the backbone of economic growth. The rise of digitalization increases cybersecurity risks, and to mitigate these risks, digital products and services used by citizens and businesses need to be better protected from cyber threats. Cyber ​​attacks across Europe are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. This trend is likely to continue to intensify in the future as next year – as expected – approx. 22.3 billion devices will be connected to the Internet of Things. In light of all this, and in order to build an open and secure cyberspace, stronger and newer cybersecurity measures need to be taken to increase citizens’ trust in digital devices and services.

As one of the means of protection against threats based on Regulation (EU) 2019/881 on the Cyber ​​Security Agency and the Cyber ​​Security Certification of Information and Communication Technologies, the Regulated Supervisory Authority in Hungary performs the official tasks of certifying the cyber security of digital products. The purpose of certification activities is to ensure compliance with the ever-changing cybersecurity requirements for information exchange devices and services that can be purchased and used by citizens and businesses.

“With the information contained in the certificate, the consumer is free to decide which product with strong cybersecurity capabilities they want to purchase and use in the future. Balazs Bencik, SZTFH Cyber ​​Security Certification Director.

In addition to all this, the Authority oversees the cybersecurity certification process for digital products and services, as well as the activities of accredited conformity assessment bodies and testing laboratories, manufacturers and distributors. To this end, the SZTFH conducts checks in the form of audits on conformity assessment bodies, cybersecurity certificate holders and issuers of “declarations of conformity”.
Through its oversight and activities in the field of cybersecurity, the Authority contributes to the compliance of domestic and developed products and services with cybersecurity requirements, thereby facilitating the establishment of cybersecurity as a competitive advantage in the market, as well as the emergence of these products and services in the EU single market.

In the field of strengthening cybersecurity, another main priority of the SZTFH is to raise awareness of cybersecurity, that is, informing people about the threats that arise in cyberspace and helping citizens navigate the Internet safely.

“The National Cybersecurity Strategy is defined as an important task that Hungary, through its specialized institutions and cooperation with actors in the civil, economic and scientific fields, supports activities aimed at raising awareness of the safe use of cyberspace, as well as initiatives that contribute to the practical knowledge of cybersecurity, with special attention, on the contrary, to raise the awareness of individual users, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. Taking all this into account, one of the main objectives of the SZTFH is that the citizens of Hungary use digital services to safely provide services, to know and consciously apply procedures that avoid or reduce the harmful effects of cyber threats,” the Director of the Office emphasized.

Cybersecurity awareness is a tool that turns cyberspace into a reliable environment for the smooth functioning of social and economic processes, so the primary task of government cybersecurity organizations is to promote and strengthen it.

A podcast for those who know what cybersecurity is, and especially for those who don’t.

In the spirit of shaping attitudes towards cybersecurity, SZTFH has already launched its own series of posts this year. The purpose of the Everything is Cyber ​​podcast is to present current cybersecurity trends, threats and fraud in a convenient and easy way, as well as analyze the situations and tricks presented through real cases of invited well-known guests. Meanwhile, useful tips and ideas are also given in separate sections, which will appear several times a month.

This podcast helps raise awareness about cybersecurity threats and also introduces you to cyberspace through useful tips, advice and case studies.

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