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A new incident.. an Egyptian falls dead while chasing his wife in the street

An Egyptian died of a heart attack during his pursuit in the street for his wife, who ran away from him after a quarrel between them, in a new incident of accidents that have become apparent in Egypt recently.

The incident occurred in the city of Kafr Shukr, north of Cairo, where the Qalyubia Security Directorate received a report stating the death of a husband during a quarrel that erupted with his wife following disagreements between them. He died of a heart attack while he ran in the street behind his wife trying to catch her after she ran away from him during a quarrel between them.

It turned out that severe disagreements erupted between the spouses and an argument occurred between them that developed into a quarrel inside the house, during which the wife fled trying to escape the assault On her, where she ran to the street and the husband tried to catch up with her, but he fell unconscious.

The parents and passers-by tried to rescue the husband, and he was taken to the hospital, but he died, and the doctors confirmed his death of a severe heart attack. A report was drawn up on the incident, and the Public Prosecution took over the investigation.

The murders between husbands in Egypt have increased recently, as the wife of her husband was killed in the city of Toukh in Qalyubia in northern Egypt, and a doctor killed his doctor wife in Dakahlia, and she was killed A wife from Qena had her children and tried to poison her husband with juice after she had an abusive relationship with her lover.

Last Wednesday, the Luxor Criminal Court, in southern Egypt, sentenced to death by hanging a husband who killed his wife by burying her alive in a hole in the marital home due to disputes. between them.

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