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A new breakthrough defeats “Corona” with a cocktail of antibodies

A new vaccine, which is a cocktail of antibodies, reduced serious or fatal “Corona” cases by 67% compared to the placebo, announced by the British – Swedish company AstraZeneca today, Monday, in a statement in which it said that AZD7442 gave positive results. It is in the third phase of clinical trials, and that it has requested permission from the British authorities, as well as from the US Food and Drug Administration, to use it. The deaths caused by it, compared to the placebo treatment in patients who were not hospitalized with mild or moderate symptoms.” She explained, according to what was reported by “Al Arabiya.net” from British media and what was reported from agencies, that the full results of the experiment that took place in 13 countries, in which he participated. 903 adults, half of whom received the vaccine and the rest received a placebo, which will be published in a scientific journal, for experts to review.

“AstraZeneca” explained in its statement, that 90% of those Participate in the experiment, belonging to the categories of patients who may be considered at risk of developing severe forms from Covid-19, including those with comorbidities, and that they received treatment within 5 days from the appearance of the first symptoms, “after which the preliminary analysis of the results showed that AZD7442 reduced the risk of severe or fatal infection with the virus by 67% of cases, compared to the placebo drug,” according to the statement.

Protection for at least 6 months

One of those who analyzed the results of the experiment is British Professor Hugh Montgomery, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine At University College London, and one of the main researchers in this medical field, he stated today that: “The persistence of severe cases in the world requires the existence of new treatments to protect those at risk,” referring to AZD7442, which contains laboratory-containing antibodies designed to stay in the body for several months, This ensures that the virus is contained in the event of infection.

The agencies also quoted Swedish Mene Pangalos, Executive Vice President of AstraZeneca, in a statement in which she said that the vaccine developed by the company with the British University of Oxford is based on a healthy immune system to develop human bodies. Antibodies and certain cells that fight infection “It is an early intervention that leads with our antibodies to a decrease A significant increase in the development of severe disease, with protection continuing for at least 6 months,” according to her expression of AZD7442, which the experiment proved also reduced the risk of severe “corona” infection or death by 50% in those who showed symptoms for 7 days or less.)

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