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A man comes from Ludhiana to UP for Funeral after snake bite kills for him brother; He too gets bitten and dies: The Tribune India


Balrampur (UP), August 5

man who came to attend last ritual of for him brother who Die of Killed by a snakebite after being bitten by a snake in The police said he fell asleep on Thursday.

Govind Mishara attended (22) last ritual of for him brother Arvind Mishra Necklace (38) in Bhawanipur village on Wednesday, department officer Radha Raman Singh told PTI. The brother Die of snake bite on Tuesday.

Govind Mishara was killed by a snake in his sleep. One of Relatives of The familyChandrashkar Pandey (22), who I was in The same houseI was also Singh said.

“Bandy was taken to the hospital, where his condition is remains critical,” The official added.

Govind Mishara and Pandey came to the village from Ludhiana for a party last ritual of Police Arvind Mishra said.

Medical and administrative officials visited the village on Thursday. Local MLA Kailash Nath Shukla met with Sorrow family assured them of help.

Shukla called on local officials to take measures to prevent such incidents in The future.

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