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A domestically launched anti-ship missile has been tested, a first for the Indian Navy

Indian Navy helicopter test- fires airLaunching an anti-ship missile

New Delhi:

India today test Launched her first local airLaunching an anti-ship missile made by the Defense Research and Development Organization, or DRDO.

In a video released by the Indian Navy, a Seaking 42B . helicopter was loaded with The missile was seen flying over Sea test range in with fistula, off The coast of Odisha, while another helicopter was seen following it for Note.

The anti-ship missile separates from the Seaking for Just a few meters from her engine fires up And she’s flying fast towards the goal.

“It first A native air Launched an anti-ship missile system for Indian Navy” in Today’s statement.

The missile followed the required sea skimming path and reached the specified target with highly of Accuracy and validation of control, routing and mission Algorithms. The performance of all subsystems was satisfactory, “Defense research body She said.

Sensors scattered throughout test range And near the point of impact traced the trajectory of the missile and captured all events,” He Said.

The navy tweeted on test-firing of Homemade anti-ship missile is important step Towards achieving self-reliance in specialized missile technology It reaffirms the Navy’s commitment to resettlement.

Use the rocket a lot new technologies Including a homemade launcher for The helicopter.

senior officers of DRDO and Indian Navy saw test-firing. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh later congratulated the DRDO, the Navy and its associates teams for successful test-firing.


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