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A crime that shook Egypt .. A bride was slaughtered 3 days after her wedding!

A heinous crime that shook the Egyptian street a few days ago, where a slain and torn bride was found in Dakahlia Governorate only 72 hours after her wedding. The public is gathering its clues to reveal its circumstances, according to local media reports, yesterday, Saturday.

Stabs in the body

According to the media, the husband used his family and his wife’s family to transfer her to Al-Gamaliya Hospital, but due to the seriousness of her condition, the doctors referred her to the Emergency University Hospital in Mansoura.

For his part, a medical source said that the injured bride arrived at the hospital in a critical condition and had stab wounds in the trachea, and in separate parts of the body, chest and abdomen, and cut the arteries of the left hand, stressing that she needed a major surgical intervention.

possessed by the jinn

Upon questioning the husband, he stated that he discovered that his wife was complaining of “tightness and suffocation”, and claimed that she was possessed by the jinn, explaining that when he presented her condition to family and relatives Advise him number them to resort to a sheikh to treat her because she suffers from a state of panic and fear.

He also added that when his wife told him that she felt constrained by people and that there were people inside the apartment talking to her and she could hear their voice and she could not move, he hurried out of his house to come

He also pointed out that as soon as he returned home with the sheikh, he was surprised by screaming and wailing and found his wife slain by the neck and her arteries cut off, and blood flowing from her, so he immediately transferred her to Al Jamaliah Hospital.

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