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A bomb plot fails in Paris by stealing the most expensive necklace of an Egyptian queen

A scheme prepared by a professional jewelry thief with two others, thwarted by the French police two weeks ago and kept under wraps, the local newspaper Le Parisien revealed yesterday, the most important of which is that the three men tried on July 12 to steal a 217-carat diamond necklace, which they made. In 1939 in Paris, specifically for the late Egyptian Queen Nazli, the wife of King Fouad I and the mother of the late King Farouk.

The three’s intention was to detonate a package in a toughened glass box, inside which is the necklace displayed so far at the Natural History Museum in Paris, With 550 pieces from the works of a famous company that manufactures luxury jewelry and perfumes, Van Cleef & Arpels, which was founded in 1896 in Paris, according to what “Al Arabiya.net” read in its biography, but the police “who knew in advance of their plot and went several times to a forest near Paris They were trained in the use of explosives, and arrested them all,” according to what the newspaper quoted a police officer as saying.

A bomb plot fails in Paris by stealing the most expensive necklace of an Egyptian queen A bomb plot fails in Paris by stealing the most expensive necklace of an Egyptian queen

The necklace hangs on Princess Fawzia’s chest, during her wedding ceremony in 1939 to the Crown Prince of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

The officer mentioned that the French security put their saliva on months Queen Nazli’s jewelry, under the radar of surveillance after receiving a notification, that they started targeting the necklace in particular, “they visited the exhibition and watched the guards and prepared to escape on a motorbike, instead of admiring the jewelry, as visitors usually do,” according to the officer, the host with his account that one of them was previously involved with a gang that stole handmade jewelry. Also, “Van Cleef & Arpels”, worth 600,000 euros, was inside an armored truck in 2013 in Paris, “and its thieves were arrested and imprisoned. As for the stolen item, it has disappeared for now.” Things” in reference to the gang’s intention to steal the necklace recommended by the wife of King Fouad, who took the throne of Egypt when it gained its independence in 1922 from Britain and ruled it until his death in 1936 at Al-Qubba Palace, followed by his son King Farouk.

The company paid millions to get it back.

Queen Nazli asked Van Cleef & Arpels to make the necklace for the marriage of her 17-year-old daughter, Princess Fawzia, in 1939. From the Crown Prince of Iran and the later Shah, Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, and we see her in a shot from afar around her neck after the third minute of a video that Al-Arabiya.net found on YouTube and shows it below, which is for the wedding, which was described by international media at that time as “one of the joys of One Thousand and One Nights” to such an extent that it highlighted its details to its readers and listeners in most of Europe and the United States.

The marriage, which was short-lived, ended in 1948 with the separation of the princess from the Shah. She returned to Egypt, whose monarchy was overthrown by the “Free Officers Revolution” after 4 years. Her brother, King Farouk, chose his exile in Italy, and before him his mother, Queen Nazli Sabri, chose that In 1946, she left for California, and she lived in the comfort of a 28-room mansion that she bought for $65,000 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Selling her jewelry.

The most expensive and most famous thing she sold, is the necklace consisting of 673 diamonds, and one of them bought it at an auction, in which he paid 150 thousand dollars 3 years before her death in 1978 in a small apartment that her friends lent to her, with which she paid Debts on it, then the necklace returned and appeared in another auction, organized by Sotheby’s on December 9, 2015 in New York, where the hammer of pampering landed on the one who was sent by Van Cleef & Arpels herself to represent her.

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