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A 1,000-kilometer range and a hydrogen bath at the Paris Motor Show

The Paris Motor Show, which opened last Monday and ended yesterday, was almost exclusively dedicated to electric vehicles returning to the automotive calendar after a four-year hiatus. Not surprisingly, the list of hydrogen-powered vehicles is growing in the field of purely electric vehicles. And the auto show in the French capital showed what new brands are worth getting to know in the near future.

Ars Technica announced from the stage the number of hydrogen cars, among which the former 24 Hours of Le Mans stands out Winner of the competition 2011, a company called Hopium, founded by Olivier Lombard and developed by Hopium Machina, which could usher in a new era of e-mobility.

Hopium Machina promises a power reserve of 1000 kilometers and refueling in 2-3 minutes (Photo: Hopium)

Hopium Machina introduces a new generation of hydrogen cell technology: the fuel cell built into the car is able to develop a peak power of 200 kilowatts, and this can be seen in other indicators of the car: a 500-horsepower sedan promises a range of 1000 kilometers with a tank and its speed reaches 230 km /hr.

Rémy Voisin, one of Hopium’s lead engineers, told Ars Technica that series production could start at the end of 2025. And Lombard added that refueling a car takes no more than 2-3 minutes.

Is the future behind a replaceable fuel tank?

Charging electric vehicles is still unacceptably slow for many – although it’s another matter that electric vehicles require a different mindset – replaceable battery solutions. China’s NIO is one of the first companies to develop such vehicles, and even replacement battery packs are made in Hungary.

However, the solution may also appear in hydrogen cars: NAMX presented at the Paris Motor Show (New Automotive and Mobility eXploration) the car brand showed the public an SUV whose hydrogen tanks can be replaced in a modular way, like batteries.

The cost of our CapXstore system is much lower than building a hydrogen filling station

– explained Thomas de Lussac, founder and chief designer of the company.

NAMX HUV to Introduce Modular Hydrogen Tank Innovation (Photo: namx.tech)

A NAMX HUV (hydrogen SUV) thanks to this, in addition to its 550 horsepower strength, 25 He promises poppy a top speed of 0 km/h and a range of 800 kilometers. The heart of the system is a stationary hydrogen tank and a replaceable “hydrogen capsule”. The former can absorb enough pressurized gas for 500 kilometers, while CapX capsules can increase range by another 300 kilometers. Lussac said each capsule can store 50 kilometers of hydrogen, six of which will go to NAMX HUV. Like coffee capsules, the capsules can be exchanged at the CapXstore chain of stores. According to the company manager, they want to open one such exchange office every 45 kilometers on average.

Futuristic Alpenglow race car concept (Photo: Renault)

Unfortunately, this was not said much about why, as a concept car, it will not go into mass production, despite rumors that Alpine develops an electric sports car for Lotus.

Citroën’s solution, although less spectacular, is interesting from a technological point of view: a special van was brought for the army: a hydrogen cell and an electric drive combination gave an interesting result. The Citroën van is reminiscent of electric vehicles equipped with range extenders available today. These vehicles are powered by electric motors, however, if the next charger is far away and the battery is low, a lower power gasoline engine can extend the range of the battery.

French manufacturer The solution also works in a similar way, with the difference that here the range of the battery-powered electric motor can be increased by a smaller hydrogen unit: the result is a freight transport with a range of 400 kilometers, which can be fully charged. in 3 minutes.

We still have something to tell you, you all will find something interesting here!

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