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9,000 Houthi violations of education in Al-Jawf … bombing and burning

A human rights report monitored the Houthi militia’s commission of about 9,000 violations of the right to education in Al-Jawf governorate, northeastern Yemen, since its coup against the legitimate authority in September 2014 until last March.

According to the report published by the Rights Committee And the media in Al-Jawf governorate, on Thursday, that 8 thousand and 998 violations of the right to education were monitored in the governorate during the period from September 2014 to March 2021, indicating that violations of education during the aforementioned period are increasing in light of the deterioration of education in the directorates controlled by the militias in the governorate.

The Houthi militia continues to systematically target the educational process, including bombing and burning schools Deliberate use of military actions, weapons stores, and abuse against educational staff.

Killing, torture and arrests

In addition to that, the violations monitored varied. There are killings, assaults, torture, arrests, plundering of humanitarian aid, child recruitment from schools, displacement and displacement of educators, depriving students of education, bombing of homes and schools, storming and looting of educational institutions.

There are 9 cases of murder and targeting educators, while cases of physical assault and threats have reached 174.

The monitoring team also recorded 750 cases of kidnapping and enforced disappearance, 25 cases of brutal torture in the prisons of the Houthi militia, 463 cases of forced displacement and displacement of educators, and 17 bombings of the homes of educators and teachers.

Job segregation and abuse

In addition, the report added that “the militias continue to continue arbitrary and functional segregation in the right of their opponents in Al-Jawf governorate, where 1340 cases were recorded. Job segregation and abuse varied between job dismissal, systematic exclusion, and threatening insecurity The dismissal and replacement of cadres loyal to the Houthis. ”

The team documented 176 cases of intrusions into educational facilities between public schools, private schools, the Holy Quran schools, educational institutes and training institutes, and 10 cases of bombing and burning of schools and educational institutions in Al-Jawf were recorded, and 181 were recorded. The case of violation of the use of schools and educational institutions in military actions, weapons stores, prisons, and places for mobilization and training.

In addition, there were 394 cases of underage recruitment, while the number of cases of looting of relief aid reached 634.

Distortion of the curriculum

In addition, the team recorded 433 cultural events and activities to obliterate the national identity, which varied between distorting the curriculum and forcing students and teachers to participate in sectarian activities. The number of violations and crimes of changing the curriculum in a sectarian manner reached 142.

The Houthi militia exploited the summer centers for mobilization, mobilization and incitement to hatred, as violations and forced attendance of the summer centers of the militias reached 94, As for the cases of levies in support of the war imposed by the militias on or Yaa al-Amur and students in schools, which is a flagrant violation of the right of children and education, to 224.

The team also recorded the number of students who were deprived of education during the reporting period and displaced from Al-Jawf, which reached 3867, while it documented abuses in private schools Which amounted to 23).

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