90-year-old guardian tried to stab his seriously ill wife death, the court hears | Great Britain news

A 90-year- The old man tried murder his seriously ill wife as she slept after he “could no longer cope” with caring for her, the court heard.

Edward Turpin is accused of tried to stab his wife Joan to death in their home in Orpington, south east London in September last year. Joan, who was blind and needed a catheter, was attacked with knife before Turpin turned the weapon on told the jury at the Old Bailey.

Turpin denies trying murder and alternative charge of wound with intention.

The court heard how Turpin told the 999 operator that he tried to stab Joan Turpin with a knife and stabbed himself, and that they both wanted to die.

The prosecution told the jury:back”on and on” conversation between Turpin and call handler followed, in that Turpin may have been trying to hint that he and his wife were carrying out “suicide pact”.

Prosecutor Alistair Richardson, addressing the jury, said: “You might think that the defendant was trying to give the impression that he and his wife were involved in suicide pact. As you will hear, Joan Turpin flatly rejects this suggestion.

“During call, in Joan Turpin can be heard crying in the background out for help”.

In audio recording of in call played on the court, and voice he could be heard saying “Joan, stop it” and telling the operator that he was trying to “stab himself to get himself under control”. out of It”.

Opening the trial, the prosecution stated that Edward and Joan Turpin were “happily married”. for years” before her health began to decline. decline and she went blind. But instead of Seeking help, the prosecution stated that the defendant lost patience with was the guardian of his wife and “sought kill her”.

Richardson added: “They were married for many years. You will hear Joan Turpin explain that their marriage was a happy one. one defendant was good husband. It does the job and events that you take everything into account more sad.”

The jury was told that neither society nor the law would allow people “take matters into your own hands” no matter what how hard began to care for spouse.

“There is no doubt that the case you have to consider is a sad one. one – of a happy marriage mired in poor health, and with defendant is no longer able to cope with caring for his wife,” Richardson said.

He added: “But the fact that neither society nor the law allows, even in in heat of moment, it for us take matters into your own hands and try to end someone’s life. An answer to looking for care for our partner too much can never be to try and take their life.”

The trial continues.


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