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8 migrants drowned trying to cross the Rio Grande near Del Rio, Texas.


body of eight people were retrieved from the Rio Grande after dozens of migrants swept downriver near Eagle Pass, Texas in what turned out to be the deadliest mass of drownings on the frontier in years, US Customs and Border Protection officials said Friday.

CBP officials said the drowning occurred on Thursday morning after a large group attempted to cross the Rio Grande, which became fast in a few days. of rain.

Border Patrol agents and other CBPs personnel rescued 37 people from the river who were part of more group of According to a CBP statement, 53 people have been taken into custody in the US. Authorities arrested 39 more migrants on Mexican side of river.

During rescue efforts on the river, US agents found the bodies. of six drowning victims and Mexican authorities found two others, according to CBP. The agency did not provide information about nationalities of victims or their age, but families with children crossed through area in recent months.

The border guard is working with search and rescue teams along the river” while the search continues for Another possible affected,” the CBP said in a statement.

One CBP officialSpeaking on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to discuss the incident, said death the death toll proved to be the largest mass drowning in the Rio Grande. in years.

The Del Rio CBP sector has been converted as of 2020 from one of sleepiest stretch marks of the southern border became the busiest and most tense. Last month, American agents made nearly 50,000 arrests in Del Rio sector highest total along the entire border with Mexico, CBP data show. Number of migrants are taken into custody in Del Rio on pace exceed 400,000 within current fiscal year ending September 30, a tenfold increase over the same period in 2020.

Migrants and asylum seekers from Venezuela and Cuba for about half of migrants crossing the Del Rio sector in recent months for reasons such as looking for a job safety and reunion with native. More than 14,000 Venezuelans have been taken into custody in sector in July, along with more over 10,000 Cubans, according to government data.

Dozens of thousands of those who crossed the border into Haiti tried to enter the United States via Del Rio. area a year back, forming a makeshift camp along the banks of Rio Grande that caused a humanitarian crisis for the Biden administration. But latest CBP records show that five Haitians were detained in Del Rio last month and nine in July, down from high of 15 951 in September 2021.

results of migrants died from it year along stretch of a river near Eagle Pass after being swept away by the deceptively strong Rio Grande. In April, a Texas National Guard soldier died trying to rescue two people. people he thought they were drowning; they turned out suspected of drug smuggling.

Body of Soldier of the National Guard who drown in Rio Grande recovered

Agents in Bodies found in Del Rio sector of more more than 200 migrants since October 1, according to CBP.

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