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75 years old of worst administration

From the dawn of civilization, people grappled with concepts of War and Peace. They started building communities. in order live longer and safer life. A wish destroy others and maximum power always been a man’s dream and that was driving force behind invasions, expansionism, brutality, barbarism and colonialism. With invention of gunpowder, human mechanisms and cruelty have reached new height. Long guns, rockets, unconventional warfare, jets and tanks were among the new weapons of that time. All of this weapon makes war more painful and bloody.

When were atomic weapons used? in The Second World War, humanity was defeated. The dissatisfied superpowers began testing the hydrogen bomb, which was more powerful as well as more more dangerous than the atomic bomb. After the September 11 attacks world saw a new wave of persecution, wars, ethnic and religious divisions, and state terrorism. Pakistan is a victim of this coup because of its strategic location. Pakistan has been hit by state terrorism from neighboring countries since independence and how result, government was busy with a business with internal and external problems for in past 75 years old. Even though the incident happened in USA, it increased the tension in Pakistan. As Pakistan assisted the Taliban diplomatically and offered moral support administration of then Mullah Umar, the Taliban were disappointed when Pakistan joined US-led war on terror.

It was a prudent diplomatic and strategic decision because the USA was a superpower and a young country like Pakistan could not afford to compromise its relationship with United States. How result of change in foreign policyPakistan has earned confession. Kernel in our foreign policy from aiding the Taliban and Mujahideen to countering their operations. emergence of fourth generation war in Pakistan. It was the US war on terror, but since the United States supported and helped us, we became allies. And the battlefield has moved from the US to Pakistan. As a result, Pakistan became and continues to be a victim of of endless 4GW.

Pakistan’s enemies capitalized on this maneuver using sentiments of the religious segment. In response to this unconventional battle target helpless children, vulnerable mothers and innocents people. Across the country, there are several independent, highly unruly, violent, planned, trained and sadistic militant organizations. work – under the aegis of of various Jihadist, sectarian, ethnic, nationalist and political organizations. Armed fighters from the TTP and its many extremist groups, Al-Qaeda, TNSM, LeJ, BLA, BRA, BLF and others seek to destabilize Pakistan through brutal criminal activities. ISIS extremists and dangerous fighters reportedly also attempt to organize in Pakistan.

Pakistan has become the most serious victim of 4GW. Instead of discussing nomenclature and morphology, Pakistan should focus on common purpose and uniqueness of this is goal. Pakistan has faced many forms of threats from countries all over in the world, especially from bordering countries, since its inception. Because Pakistan was first country to be purchased in title of Islam, all anti-Islamic forces sought to slander him and declare failed state. Anti-Pakistan forces were strong players in in division of Bengal. In 1971, India used 4GW tactics. in limited fashion through military aid to Mukti Bahini separatists in then – East Pakistan in their desire to separate from the rest of country. However, the neighboring country has significant role in development of racial, ethnic and religious disputes, ensuring military, financial and administrative support to separatist groups like BLA, TTP and other violent organizations.

Pakistan has long blamed India of helping and organizing rebellions and disorders, especially in Balochistan. Apparently, these sponsored jihadist forces are trying to weaken the stronghold of Islam during the fighting. against in the world’s only Muslim nuclear and military power. Indeed, a huge violent and planned uprising involving thousands of of terrorists cannot be launched and supported without huge logistical and technological support from outside sources. Alleged jihadists and separatists who have already armed against pakistan nothing more how hit-men and hired agents of anti-Pakistan groups. Their true identities were revealed after the APS tragedy in Peshawar.

It’s unavoidable work on resolution of internal conflicts. We are still waiting to become a nation after 75 years. This aspiration will not be realized until government treats every citizen and province alike. this is critical listen problems and try fix them. The Punjabi establishment and dominance have damaged the unity of Pakistan. in each way. During these 75 years, Karachi, Pakistan’s stronghold, has suffered as result of it’s political competition. quota systemunemployment, disadvantage of infrastructure, damaged roads, obsolete public transport and, most importantly, murder of meritocracy made this magnificent city vulnerable. Situation in rural Sindh, Balochistani CCP and rural Punjab are deplorable.

The wealthy political elite showed no interest in raising their level of life; them children learn overseas but their voters children don’t even have access to basic education. Small-scale artisanal activities and innovative farming practices of agriculture can help improve them current status. The new dams are basic need in many provinces, but the establishment and the political establishment are concerned with their own opposition politics. Floods and heavy rains destroyed their homes and farmlands, but we’re all busy with political debate. it critical time work for our people otherwise our enemies have already exploited our inner flaws and are willing to exploit our emotions of our innocent people once more. Please wake up up!

Published in Express Tribune, 11 September.th2022.

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