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7 points from the coalition agreement that are now important for startups

7 points from the coalition agreement that are now important for startups. (Image: Shutterstock / Anel Alijagic)

On Wednesday the traffic light parties have their coalition agreement for the next four Years submitted. One of the main goals of the SPD, Greens and FDP is to transform Germany into a climate-neutral industrial country: “Achieving the climate protection goals of Paris is our top priority. Climate protection ensures freedom, justice and sustainable prosperity. “

Table of contents

  • That means the coalition agreement for startups and the digital economy
  • Universities should become startup forges
  • Biotech and AI are among the winners
  • A new market for cannabis e nt is
  • Access to capital should be facilitated
  • More speed: You should go in Can set up 24 hours
  • New legal forms support the purpose economy
  • Diversity is forced
  • Conclusion

Specifically, that means: The coal phase-out should come as early as 2030, eight years earlier than previously planned. Renewable energies, e-cars and public transport such as buses and trains should be more strongly promoted and expanded, as should the fiber optic network for faster internet.

But with the coalition agreement, the course should also be laid for “a socio-ecological market economy” in which everything should be geared towards hope and the future after the corona pandemic. To achieve this, startups are to be given more support, new legal forms created and new markets such as cannabis opened up. “Germany should become the leading start-up location in Europe,” the Ampel coalition hopes. We wish that too. Here are the most important points for startups from the coalition agreement.

That means the coalition agreement for startups and the digital economy

Better access to capital, new legal forms and more diversity – this is what the new coalition agreement for startups and the digital economy means:

  1. Universities should become startup forges

    Universities should play a more important role in getting young people excited about start-ups. In the coalition agreement it says: “For a real innovation boost, we have to promote spin-offs. We will provide universities with federal funds to create a start-up infrastructure for technological and social entrepreneurship. ”Furthermore, new institutions such as a research center of the Helmholtz Association for aging research are to be established and the transfer from science to practice is to be improved. Entrepreneurship initiatives “should be promoted.

    1. Biotech and AI are among the profits ren

    Digital key technologies such as “Artificial intelligence (AI), quantum technologies, cybersecurity, distributed ledger technology (DLT), robotics and other future technologies” should be given greater focus. In addition, research-intensive areas such as biotechnology are to be given special support in the future in order to make Germany (again) an innovation leader. Innovation is also desired in the field of renewable energies and electromobility – startups and young companies can benefit here.

    1. A new market for cannabis is emerging

    The billion dollar market for approx nnabis arise because the coalition agreement makes “the controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for consumption purposes in licensed shops” possible. Lars Müller, the CEO of Synbiotic SE, says: “I am very satisfied – a year ago we only dreamed of it. It is unbelievable that it can happen so quickly now! ”The opportunities for entrepreneurs are huge. “But it is important to proceed with caution and strategy and not fall into a state of intoxication,” warns Müller.

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    1. Access to capital should be facilitated

    More money should be mobilized for entrepreneurial projects from various sources. “We will facilitate IPOs and capital increases as well as shares with different voting rights (dual class shares) in Germany, especially for growth companies and SMEs,” says the coalition agreement. In addition, “private capital from institutional investors, such as insurance companies and pension funds, should be able to be mobilized for startup financing.”

    Also the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) will play a bigger role in the future. Specifically, it should act as an innovation and investment agency as well as a co-venture capitalist. To do this, it could be equipped with additional capital in order to be able to finance larger investments, as Clemens Fuest, President of the Ifo Institute, spoils the Tagesschau. “However, these must be investments with financial returns that are used to service the KfW loans,” he says.

    1. More speed: You should can set up in 24 hours

    But not only should more money flow to promote the startup world, bureaucratic hurdles should also be removed. “The aim is to enable companies to be set up within 24 hours,” says the coalition agreement. This could be made possible by an improved infrastructure for founders. So-called “one stop shops” are to be introduced, which are the contact points for start-up advice, funding and registration, which could relieve the labor offices.

    1. New legal forms support the purpose economy

      1. New legal forms for startups and companies should also play a role on the way to a socio-ecological market economy. “We are improving the legal framework for economic activities geared to the common good, such as for cooperatives, social enterprises, integration companies,” says the contract. In addition, “companies with tied assets” should have a suitable legal basis, which means doing business with more responsibility.

        A company with tied assets is is an alternative form of business and is, in principle, a mixture of GmbH and foundation. A company no longer belongs to an owner, but to a certain extent to itself. Income is reinvested and, after a change in management, the company’s goals are retained. Startups can thus signal that they want to exist in the long term and will not be sold to larger companies after a few years. Examples of this type of company are Einhorn or the Fintech Payactive. So far, the legal form was only possible via detours via the Purpose Foundation.

        Mathias Born, CEO von Payactive

        Mathias Born, CEO of Payactive. (Photo: Payactive)

        Mathias Born, CEO of Payactive says: “The company with tied assets reflects the values ​​of our company and each individual employee: in. We are very pleased that through our numerous conversations with politicians in recent months, we have made a decisive step towards an alternative legal form that will give thousands of companies and startups a new home. As Payactive we will do our utmost to work out the legal form jointly with politicians. “

        1. Diversity is forced

        Business start-ups should be possible for everyone, regardless of background or gender, is the startup strategy of the traffic light coalition. To this end, a “second chance” culture and a corresponding infrastructure of advice centers are to be created. Equal rights are (of course) always in the contract: the gender pay gap is to be closed, the proportion of women founders in the digital sector is to be increased and access to venture capital for women founders is to be improved. To this end, the proportion of women on investment committees of state funds and investment companies is to be increased. In addition, a “female founders grant” will be created and part of the ten billion dollar future fund will be reserved for female founders, according to the coalition agreement. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get any more specific. People with a migration background should also benefit from better financing and funding opportunities.


        The new coalition agreement means many opportunities for the German economy in general and startups in particular. The positive signals are there, now it just has to be implemented – which is known to make up the lion’s share of the work. In any case, we are excited and stay tuned.

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