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6th Memphis Police Officer, Preston Hemphill, Suspended in Tyre Nichols Death

MEMPHIS — The Memphis Police Department has confirmed on Monday that two additional officers were taken off duty in connection with in death of Tyra Nichols, saying little other than that the two were under investigation as city officials and prosecutors worked on defining who in addition to five officers already charged with second-degree murder should be carried out responsible.

These investigations also Led to firing on Monday of two medics and a lieutenant in the Memphis Fire Department for unable follow protocols, including a proper assessment of Mr. Nichols when he was slouching on Earth against police vehicle, the officials said. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Department is conducting its own investigation into the actions. of two of his deputies at the scene; both got relief of duty pending the results of the investigation.

Officials said all seven police officers were placed on leave on January 8, the day after Mr. Nichols, 29-year- an old black man, was stopped by officers and beaten after he ran off.

One of officers, Preston Hemphill, arrived just before another officer pulled Mr. Nichols out of his car when he was stopped near an intersection on evening of Jan. 7 in southeast Memphis. Personality and participation of another officer who suspended, undisclosed.

This was stated by the lawyer of officer Hemphill, Lee Gerald. in statement that one of four videos of meeting that were released city on Friday labeled “Video 1” came from Officer Hemphill. body camera.

“He never attended second scene,” where the officers caught up with Mr. Nichols after a short walk chase and beat him severely, said Mr. Gerald. of Officer Hamfill. He added that his client is “collaborating with officials in it’s an investigation.”

in body camera footage, you can see Officer Hemphill firing stun gun Mr. Nichols as Mr. Nichols runs away.

“The taser was activated,” he told the dispatcher, and later told another officer: “One of teeth hit bastard”.

Officer Hemphill, aged 26, was part of of specialized unit “Scorpion”, created to patrol the crime area of in the city like five officers who were accused with murder and other offences. (Officer Hemphill is white and the other five officers are black.)

Officer Preston Hemphill.Credit…Memphis Police Department, via Reuters

Officer Hemphill, who joined Police Department in 2020, was with unit from October 2022.

This was reported to the Police Department. on On Saturday, the Scorpion division was disbanded. In a statement, police officials said that “heinous acts of a few” threw a cloud of dishonor on Unit. “It is imperative that we, the Memphis Police Department, take active steps in healing process for everything is affected,” the statement said.

Lawyers for Mr Nichols family said it was “extremely disappointing” to learn that Officer Hemphill was relieved. of duty but did not fire and did not load.

Why is his personality and role he played in tires death just now coming to light? lawyers Ben Crump and Antonio Romanucci said in statement on Monday. “We have asked from the beginning that the Memphis Police Department be transparent. with in family and community – this is news seems to indicate that they didn’t rise to the occasion.”

The police department did not respond Monday to questions about the seventh officer. The representative only said that “we will update our social media when additional information is available”.

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