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58 percent of employees will not sit in the office daily

In the future, only 24% of employees will work permanently in a single office at a single desk. 58 percent of them will be either purely remote or hybrid workers. For many, today’s priorities for digital transformation look very different from their pre-epidemic priorities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive workplace disruption for organizations of all sizes, in all industries and geographies. Disorders of work style have brought about great changes, not only in where people work, but also in the way businesses operate and the way they work. Organizations have rapidly accelerated efforts to meet digital needs, such as modernizing corporate communications, improving collaboration, and managing and securing a more modern, mobile, and digitally skilled workforce.

Although still under discussion about where employees will work to ease restrictions, our data show that most businesses plan to do more work outside the traditional office environment in the long run. The conversation and focus should no longer be on the place where the workers work; businesses need to plan to create infrastructure that supports more modern work styles where workers can work wherever they need to, without compromising safety and productivity. While in the early stages of a pandemic, organizations only “reacted for survival,” many organizations now enter a “period of reconfiguration to thrive.”

Finally, the focus on people, processes, and technology is never it was not so important yet. To meet the challenges posed by a pandemic, organizations need to develop strategies and investments that focus on optimizing value from people, processes, and technologies, and reinventing their previous business models. This is by no means a new task, but due to the scale and speed of technological, process and people-centered changes and opportunities that businesses are now facing, it is now essential

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