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5 things to know for May 10: Ukraine, Wanted, Philippines, Actions, Deaths at the resort

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1. Ukraine

South Ukrainian city of Odessa fell under heavy attack yesterday, when Russian forces deployed cruise missiles, including Russian new hypersonic missiles “Dagger” destroyed two hotels, a shopping center and warehouse. According to Ukrainian authorities, one person died and five were hospitalized. Separately, the World Health Organization confirmed 200 attacks. on medical institutions in Ukraine since start of Russia invasion. In an attempt to help Ukraine combat Russian aggression was called by President Joe Biden. on Congress “immediately” pass a bill to help Ukraine for nearly $40 billion, warning for in first time when existing aid will run out in “about ten days.” House of Representatives set consider help package This was stated today by the leader of the majority in the House of Representatives Steny Hoyer.

2. Prisoner escape

Search all over the country for a former Alabama correctional officer and inmate she disappeared into with ended yesterday when Vicki White succumbed to a self-inflicted gunshot wound, officials said. Vicki White, 56, and Casey White, 38, were captured in Evansville, Indiana, after car chase with authorities who tracked them down down following the advice that came from public. chase ended when the task of the US marshals force dick drove vehicle in car the couple was in. Law enforcement managed to extract the prisoner from the wreckage of the car, but Vicki White was trapped inside with gunshot wound to her head. Casey White reportedly ordered the authorities help “his wife” who shot herself and told them he didn’t do it. Pair capture put an end to a long manhunt that had attracted everyone’s attention.

3. Elections in the Philippines

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. son and namesake of late dictator, on vertex of victory in the Philippine presidential election by a landslide, preliminary and unofficial results show. With more than 95% of in votes It is estimated that Marcos Jr. has about 30 million. votes, more how double that of his closest rival is outgoing vice president Leni Robredo, according to partial and unofficial counts reported by CNN Philippines. Official results, however, may take weeks to confirm. Known as “Bongbong”. in Philippines, Marcos Jr. win will return the Marcos dynasty to Malacañang Palace 36 years after family fled the mass uprising. His father21-year rule was marked by human rights violations and widespread corruption.

4. Falling stocks

US stocks fell sharply yesterday, pushing the S&P 500 below mark 4000 for in first time in more how year as traders expect new load of bad news on inflation and earnings. The Dow Jones fell about 654 points. points, or almost 2%. The S&P 500 fell 3.2% and the Nasdaq Composite shed about 4.3%. moves follow incredibly changeable week on Wall Street and celebrates the fifth week in a row of losses for all three major US stock indices. “I was in markets for 25 years old and I haven’t seen anything like it,” said Danielle DiMartino Booth, CEO and chief strategist for Quill Intelligence, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve research solid. “This violence is not just volatile”.

5. Resort deaths

Three Americans died of unknown causes at the Sandals Resort on Friday, Great Exuma, Bahamas. Officials are conducting autopsies to find out more about how travelers – two from Tennessee and one from Florida — deceased over well of one evening. Fourth American, wife of Florida who died, was airlifted to the nation’s capital of Nassau for further treatment before transfer to the USA. No signs of injuries were found on bodies, the Royal Bahamas Police said. in statement to CNN and circumstances remain under police investigation.


Warhol’s portrait brings record $195 million

Go, go, go! One of The most recognizable works of Andy Warhol just became the most expensive 20th-century a work of art ever sold at auction.

Anthony Anderson celebrating graduation from Howard University

It’s never too late. black actor, who 51 years old, enrolled him son for encouraging him to go back to school.

Tony Award nominations announced

Bravo! These Broadway productions received the most approval this year. year.

Prince Harry shows off his game skills in new video

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Top 10 hotels in in world and USA for 2022 according to Tripadvisor

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2.2 million

This is how many barrels a day of crude oil will be cut off to Europe if the EU bans Russian oil imports, according to the International Energy Agency. While Europe tries to wean itself off Russian oil, Middle Eastern countries appear to be the only producers with sufficient ability to compensate for deficit. However, oil analysts warn that region will not be able to come to the aid of Europe.
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“The lake has dried up a lot. over in last 15 years. It is likely that we will find additional bodies that have been dumped. in Lake Mead.

— Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Homicide Lieutenant Ray Spencer, commenting on opening of body in barrel in Lake Mead earlier this month. More human remains we found over weekend in the largest reservoir in the country. About 40 million people in West relies on water from the Colorado River and its two largest reservoirs – Lake Mead and Lake Power, where the level dropped over in past several years in conditions of mega-drought caused by climate change.


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Window cleaner creates logos on soap glass

Here’s a strange satisfaction art view: window cleaning! (Click here for view)


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