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5 key Punjab Congress leaders join Bharatiya Janata in The presence of Amit Shah. “betrayed them mother for Greener, no, pasture saffron, says PCC President: The Tribune India


Chandigarh 4th June

In a major setback for Congress in Punjab, four of led her and former Ministers Raj Kumar Virka, Balbir Singh Sidhu, Sunder Sham Arora, and Gurpreet Singh Kangar joined BJP is here on Saturday.

Former MLA Congress of Parnala, Kewal Dillon, and former SAD MLAs Sarup Chand Singla and Mohinder Kaur Josh also joined Bharatiya Janata Party.

that they joined BJP in Presence of Union Ministers Jagendra Singh Shekhawat and Som Barkash, state unit chief Ashwani Sharma and senior party The leaders are Dushyant Gautam, Tarun Chugh, Sunil Jakkar and Manjinder Singh Sirsa.

Federal Home Minister Amit Shah was also in Chandigarh on Saturday for meeting with party Leaders and Opening India Horse Games for Youth in Panchkula Haryana.

After the opening of the youth of India free gamesShah went to party Sunil Jakkar leader house in Panchkula, Sports Federation minister Anurag Thakur and Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar also I got there.

Four leaders of Congress who joined It was BJP also It is located in the house of Jakhar.

Meanwhile, the President of the Punjab Congress, Amrinder Singh Raja Waring, said these leaders had betrayed party.

Balbir Seydoux, who has been awarded the MLA title three times by Mohali, was health minister in Former Congress governmentwhile Gurpreet Kangar, a three-time MLA of Rampura Phul, was the revenue minister.

Verka, a prominent Dalit leader from Majha regionhe is also legislator three times and was minister for social justice Empowerment and minorities in Previous government.

Sander Sham Arora A former MLA of Hoshiarpur, industry and commerce were minister in Former Congress government.

Balber Sedoz brother Amarjit Singh Seidu, who is the mayor of Mohali Corporation, also joined Bharatiya Janata Party.

Balbir Sidhu, Sunder Sham Arora, and Gurpreet Kangar were dropped from ministries After Congress replaced Amarinder Singh with Charangit Singh Chani as President minister last year.

induction of four senior leaders of BJP Punjab Congress is seen as a big earn for saffron party which expands its existence in the state.

Verca Dalit face While Kangar and Seidu are Hindu Jat and Aurora chiefs face.

After Sunil Khar left Congress and joined saffron partywas expected to more will leave the leaders grand Old party.

Reply to development Punjab Congress Speaker Waring said all these leaders who deserted party And the joined BJP “Khan” Congress”like ungrateful son his deserts mother”.

“Afraid, it seems wanted “A safe and secure political asylum somewhere that the BJP has provided,” Waring said.

“They owe it to them current stature, that qualified they for The new Political asylum to the Indian National Congress, which prepared them like a mother groom her children”, He said.

And when it was their turn to respond, they betrayed mother for He claimed that the pastures of saffron are greener.

PCC Chairman said while the loss of Any leader or worker feels it partyat the same time leads to more Slots and Opportunities for Sincere and fresh blood progress Otherwise it is blocked.

The warrior said,best of luck for joining BJP…Grateful that the elite who Enjoyed all the benefits in The party they have vacated space for Young leadership from common my knowledge”.

pointed out this number of leaders who deserted party He got all the privileges, with Their sons and brothers occupy every prominent position and powerful positions in cost of Leaders, loyal and hardworking workers.

Claiming that these leaders had some fear for Reasons for “not publicly unknown” He said: “I hope you all feel safe and secure now in for you new Pastures of saffron where I was nervous and afraid for the reasons best Known to you and not publicly unknowntoo.” PTI

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