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5 black bears hibernated under home for months. The owner didn’t know

Within a few months the tenant, who chooses remain anonymous, heard random noises like that of purrs under the floorboards.

They asked neighbors if they heard the same thing. noise but everything was quiet on their end.

Finally last a week more the rumblings led them to believe that the sounds could be a bear. That’s when they called the BEAR League, a non-profit group it works to keep the bears out in in area safe, check out in house.
What they found downstairs was five black bears: mother and four cubs.

Executive director of The League of BEARS, Ann Bryant, told CNN on Thursday that the bears have likely hibernated under house at first of December.

According to Bryant, the sounds the tenant heard were most likely snoring, breastfeeding, or bears rolling. “Bears don’t go into deep hibernation, they go into a lighter state. of numbness, she added.

When the League of BEARS was called to home on On Monday the mother bear was behind hole under house. She was already on her way out but stopped sitting on opposite side of in yard.

This led officials to believe that she might have had cubs while still underwater. house and waited for it’s safe for them to get out.

Shining a flashlight further into the area, the officials saw a couple of eyes flashing back on them in far back corner of in house.

They appreciated that the cubs were one year old and began to discuss tactics to get them out from below.

Finally the babies made them way out on their own and met with their mom.

Mama bear caught on camera saving her babies in South Lake Tahoe Mama bear caught on camera saving her babies in South Lake Tahoe

“All of surprise out comes one cub, two bear cubs, three bear cubs, four bear cubs,” Bryant said, “when the resident called, they didn’t realize there were so many bears underwater. house.”

Luckily the bears left no damage home. In other cases, homeowners may not understand this. lucky.

In October, a California woman was actually mauled by another man. black a bear that broke into her cabin in the north of Lake Tahoe. And there’s a 500-pound bear named Tank Hank roaming the streets. in Tahoe Keys area of South Lake Tahoe for months, which worries residents.

Bryant says it’s not uncommon for furry creatures to make these areas under the houses their own home during the winter months. In this case, mama bear built nest and five of they slept for majority of time.

From the moment they wake up group have been seen around South Lake Tahoe area.

Wednesday night they went back to the same home seeking for their former hideout, which has since been protected with electrical guard, which, if used, will control small shock to drive away the bears.

Bryant made sure that this shock did not hurt or harm the bears. in Any wayIt is just scares them off.


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