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45-year- shot at death food delivery on scooter in Forest Hills, Queens

NEW YORK — Yang Riwen, a food delivery man, was shot while on his scooter on saturday night in Queens.

It happened near 108th Street and 67th Street. in Forest Hills around 21:30, hours after Mayor Eric Adams met with NYPD precinct commanders to solve the problem crime.

His final moments were captured on video before he was shot down point blank in middle of residential street.

45-year- An old food delivery worker can be seen getting on his scooter and pulls out to 108th street when someone walks up to him and shoot him in rib cage.

Grieving widow Yana, still shell-shocked and unable to bear the loss, told CBS2’s Kristina Phan that by the time she got to the hospital, he was already passed.

“They told me, ‘your husband died. I told them they were lying. My heart was broken into pieces. I told him please get up up and come home with me,” Kong Yingzhao said.

Family members said that Yang was the most caring and hardworking. father up to three children, youngest just 2 years. Every day for For 14 years he worked from dawn to dusk on the Great Wall restaurant in Queens. He recently also opened a laundry with his wife to better provide for his children.

“AT first we all thought he was robbed, but find out that he was killed for No reason generally on in the street, I can’t understand,” said Cheng Long Huang’s nephew.

Jan killing came less than 24 hours after Mayor Adams held a rare weekend meeting with section chiefs, demanding a decision to stop rising high tide of crime.

From Sunday, each district will have a coordinator to combat violence. But the neighbors said they were worried if changes are happening fast enough.

When asked what makes them think one the man said: “Who is there who would do something like that. What else can they do in in future if they don’t find it.”

The police ask for help find the shooter who they say let’s go off in a light gray or brown Lexus eastbound on 67th passage.


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