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4 accused, all minors, get bail

Bail orders issued on Tuesday (file)


Four accused minors have been released on guaranty in In the Hyderabad Gangrab case, which had a set off Anger and political clashes in Telangana a month ago.

All four defendants, including son of Legislator, released from the event home Where they have been detained since first week of June, officials said.

Bail was issued by the Juvenile Justice Council.

Fifth child arrested in The case will continue remain in the event home Since submitting to the Telangana High Court for Bail, responsible added.

Saad Eddin Malik is the only adult accused in the case, remains in jail.

six people They got caught for The alleged gang of A 17-year-old girl in a car in Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad area on May 28.

The accused minor students of Class 11 and 12 belong to “politically influential” families.

The girl was allegedly gang-raped after entering a house car with five young men distance party in Popular pub.

It is claimed that only one event was seen in Misbehaving videos with The girl, but she did not participate in Rape, police said.

Show boys on drop to her home. Instead, they went to pastries and coffee shopwhere are they changed in Innova. stop the boys car Allegedly took Turns to rape her while the others are standing outside.

The police initially registered a case of “Angry modesty” based on on Girls father’s complaint. she was changed in a later rape case.

Telangana has been accused by the BJP and Congress of leading K Chandrashekar Rao government of tries to shield Accused.

National Committee for The women (CNM) also requested a detailed report from the police on The steps taken to ensure The safety and security of girls and women in the state.


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