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3 TMC Leaders Ask party To sack Partha Chatterjee after two raids by ED | Kolkata

Three leaders of Trinamol Mamata Banerjee Conference (TMC) on Thursday order party To plunder West Bengal minister Partha Chatterjee and his expulsion from TMC after two raids by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) led to his discovery of R50 crores in cash of two locations over The past week.

TMC Status general secretary And the party Kunal Ghosh’s spokesperson tweeted his advice to partysaying “Chatterjee” should to be expelled from party And the removed from the ministry.

“Partha Chatterjee should is being removed From the ministry and everyone party- Posts instantly. he is should separate. If this statement is deemed wrong party He has every right to remove me from all posts. I will continue as a soldier of AITCofficial, Kunal Ghosh said in a post on Twitter. He later deleted a file postsaying TMC national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee had a meeting to discuss issue. So, as AITCofficial took up Matter, I’m deleting the character one,” He said.

Elementary Ghosh call To remove Partha Chatterjee was a departure from party Standing on the tongue of the President of West Bengal minister Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday when she said again He sought a time-limited investigation into the allegations of Scam in Recruit of The school’s teachers promised to take action once the case was legally established.

Chatterjee and model Arpita Mukherjee was arrested by ED on July 23 in Connection with Multiple Crore Recruitment Scam in government schools in West Bengal. Emergency department officials said they took over R50 crores in cash From locations Linked to two advertising pieces 5 kg of gold, regardless of documents related to various Properties.

Kunal Ghosh public Advice to party I was soon It was echoed by two other leaders.

“My grandmother used to say, if pus collects in abscess should is being removed. You will remain healthy and can sleep well. You don’t have to put up with all the torture body for one Dibangshu Bhattacharya said, general secretary of TMC Youth Wing and State Spokesperson in a post on Twitter.

Biswajit Dib, legislator and spokesperson for the Transitional Military Council also GOSH support call.

“Ghosh is 100% correct. Chatterjee should is being removed Immediately for The party’s interests. Why didn’t Chatterjee say? for Once he is innocent? this is one The accident has distorted the party’s image. message should send out that party ‘We do not tolerate corruption,’ Biswajit Deep said.

Kunal Ghosh stressed that Chatterjee did not tell the media He is innocent.

He has plenty of room to talk to media. He said he called up President minister After being arrested, he answered when media He asked if he would resign, but he never even once said that he was innocent and being accused. If he didn’t say he was innocent, why should The party Take responsibility? Gosh said.

When Chatterjee was asked by media on Wednesday, if he intends to resign, the minister said: On what? reason? “

But the BJP took Digging into TMC, wondering why Ghosh didn’t discuss his advice inside party And the instead to choose social media to determine his position.

“Ghosh is party’s general secretary And the official spokesperson. This could have been discussed inside party. But instead he chose social media. It may be that he wants to keep his image clean, or that there is no democracy inside party or the party Don’t take it too seriously. TMC might be scared of Chatterjee and that’s why he wasn’t fired because there might be a long time-term Ramifications. People will have to unite fight against said Samik Bhattacharya, BJP spokesperson.

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