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3 suspects in youth murder still at large in Bahria city Karachi – Pakistan

Location of three suspects wanted in connection with supposed killing of a young human in Bahria Town Karachi (BTK) earlier this week over what the police described was trivial issue were still unknown on Sunday.

Speaking with Dawn.comMalir Senior Superintendent of Police (investigation) Arab Mahar said there was little progress in case, since efforts were under way to arrest the other three suspects.

On Thursday, police launched an investigation into the incident. murder of 19-year-old Jazlan Faisal, who was shot dead on his 20thyearShah’s old friend Mir Ali was allegedly wounded by some young people after a scuffle. The victims objected to the suspects’ overnight bike rides. in BTK.

Subsequently, the police of the city of Gadap registered first information report (FIR) on a complaint of uncle of the deceased, Arif Sabir, against four peopleincluding three brothers. One of designated suspects already was arrested.

In the FIR, Arif Sabir’s uncle stated that he was at his home. home at Haroon Bungalows when he got the phone call from Shah Mir, who asked him to report immediately to the Aga Khan University Hospital at around 2 am. on Wednesday.

When he reached the hospital, he saw that his nephew Jazlan and Shah Mir in emergency room with bullet wounds. Jazlan was unconscious and on fan, but Shah Mir was in position to speak.

He informed him that he, Jazlan and their friend Zargam were traveling in Zargama car and were returning after meeting with their relative Ibrahim. they traveled on Jinnah Avenue when they saw a young man riding a motorcycle. in in a very “dangerous manner” and almost hit them car.

When they angrily asked the young man why he was riding a motorcycle in such a dangerous way the youth began using offensive language result in exchange of hot words.

Biker immediately called his brothers. In the meantime, the car passengers drove away, seeing that they were being followed by a motorcyclist and another car.

When they reached the “Eiffel Tower” of the BTK, the suspects were traveling in in car overtook another vehicle and opened fire on victims. How result, Shah Mir and Jazlan received bullet wounds, while their friend Zargham remained unharmed. Jazlan was hit in in head.

After firing a few people rushed to the scene and took the wounded to the nearest hospital on the territory of the BTK, from where the victims were taken to the Aga Khan University Hospital, where Jazlan died during treatment.

According to Shah Mir, three brothers – Mohammed Ihsan, aka Ahsan, Mohammed Irfan and Mohammed Hasnain – and Inshal allegedly attacked them and fled from crime scene.

Unlicensed weapons

On Thursday, SSP Mahar told Dawn that the suspects were teenagers and he didn’t think they had a license. of gun that was used in Keeling. The investigators were also trying to return the used weapon in in murder added.

SSP regrets that children of some influential families who had money or power usually fight over minor problems resulting in such tragic events. He complained that the quarrel also recently filmed place between youth over cycling in the cantonment of Malir.

killing triggered on Sunday trend on Twitter that zagreb up thousands of retweets, calls for justice for Jazlan killed.

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