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3 shooters fired at a car in Subhash Nagar in West Delhi, 2 were injured

While detail information yet to come inclips points to the chart attack

New Delhi:

Two brothers were injured after three shooters surrounded their house car on a busy road in Subhash Nagar West Delhi last Evening and fired at least 10 rounds.

Chilling CCTV clips shows passers-by looks on distraught like car He is shot and then chased by the attackers with firearms in their hands.

The targets set are Ajay Chowdhury, former president of Kishopur Mandi and his brother Jasa Choudhury. they are in The hospital is said to be their condition critical.

Police are now trying to identify the shooters from the footage of Surveillance cameras in The area.

According to a police officer, Mr. Chaudhry with for him family in Tihar village. Yesterday evening, he and him brother they were on they way To the hospital to see a relative. When they arrived at busy Subhash Nagar intersection opened three shooters fire In the car.

a one-minute video shared by news ANI . Agency shows The busy Subhash Nagar district during peak traffic hours. white car was seen stuck in the middle of On the road where two shooters point their guns at the passengers.

I was shocked by the sight of Armed attackers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and e-bikes operators They were seen fleeing to safety. Traffic stopped with cars parked far away behind the White car They are shot. some cars also He was seen making a turn and leaving area.

Three archers keep firing In the car until the vehicle Lunges forward And moves out of The camera the frame. shooters chase He. She, gun in to hand in. Perhaps because there is an obstacle in front of you, the car then reflected back Back to its previous location, it takes a quick turn and speeds away. Archers are seen trying chase He. She down as others on road look on in shock.

Police said the shooter fled the scene after the incident. The locals informed Mr. Chaudhry family The organs and brothers were taken to the hospital.

Senior police officer Ghanshyam Bansal said they are scanning CCTV footage to identify and track shooters. down. Many teams said, they work on This is amazing.

The visuals were taken later show That heavy police force It is now posted in crime spot. The car it is now in Police custody.


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