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25 Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Recruits Injured in Whittier crash, driver detained

Several recruits with in Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department were injured when the SUV hit a group of runners outside the sheriff’s training academy in Whittier area. driver was detained.

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vehicle crashed into group of 75 cadets are running. According to the Los Angeles County Fire Department, 25 recruits were injured. in in crash. All the injured have been taken to several hospitals. in in area. Those with in the most severe injuries were taken to UC Irvine Medical Center and St. Francis Medical Center..

driver was described as 22-year- old man from Diamond Bar at the California Highway Patrol.

“There has been a tragedy in our department,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva said during news conference Wednesday.

Five people we in critical condition, four received “moderate” injuries and 14 minor injuries, firefighters said.

crash message arrived around 6:30 am near Mills Avenue and Trumball Street. recruits with class assigned to STAR Explore Training Academy.

When asked if he had ever seen a tragedy like this is in In his career, Sheriff Villanueva said it was “very strange, to say the least.”

Villanueva said, driver of SUV passed alcohol breathalyzer test.

He added recruits from various law enforcement agencies, and group of The wounded trainees included two each from the Bell and Glendale Police Departments, as well as one from the Pasadena Police Department. Everyone else was a sheriff’s department trainee.

“It looks like it’s an accident — a terrible accident,” Villanueva said.

ATTENTION! The following video contains graphic footage and has been edited. for broadcast goals.

GRAPHICS: CCTV footage shows car plowing group of local law enforcement recruits


vehicle He was moving at about 30-40 mph at the time, according to authorities. Some recruits on from the scene reported that they had heard car speed up in front of him hit in group of runners, Villanueva added.

“We had the sheriff’s cadets, in formation is underway north on Mills Ave. We had vehicle goes south. For reasons we are still figuring out and investigating, he swerved in the opposite direction and hit a few cadets,” CHP assistant chief Charlie Sampson said during a press conference on Wednesday morning.

Resident who lived nearby said screams for help woke him up up.

“His one of those terrifying screams of panic and fear,” said resident Francisco Silva. “It was such a terrible feeling.”

Paramedics dispatched up sorting area to the scene and transport the victim for inpatient care, many of them, reportedly in critical condition.

“It was typical run what do we do in 22 weeks program what we have in the sheriff’s department,” Captain Pat McDonnell said. of LASD. “They continued on them run. Once they got to Mills Road, they made turn north using safety vehicles block traffic accordingly.”

McDonnell added just then the SUV crashed into group of runners. He added was light pillar on East side of in street what vehicle then hit and stopped.

“The hardest part is finding every victim,” Reth said. Fire Captain Rick Godines of Los Angeles Fire Department at CBSLA on Wednesday morning. “There are red, yellow, and green tarpaulins used first respondents to classify victims”.

Godines added red tarps are used for Those who need get to the hospital first.

Villanueva said that the class consists of 75 recruits.

“Soon responders will start reach out to hospitals in start referring victims to each victim to different hospitals,” Godines said.

Circumstances of in crash were under investigation. Authorities served search warrant on drivers house Wednesday evening.

Law enforcement agencies across the Southland quickly began sending messages of support to the sheriff’s department in response to tragedy.

Search for deputies home of driver involved in tragic crash who wounded dozens of sheriff recruits


“We pray for LASD recruits participated in today’s accident in Whittier,” the Pomona Police Department tweeted.

Association for Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputies union which represents the deputies, said that she was following the development of the situation.

“We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for wounded cadets and members of their families, union tweeted.

Los Angeles County Supervisor Katherine Barger released a statement saying, “I am shocked to hear that driver crashed into group of young Sheriff’s Academy cadets during morning practice run. These individuals represent future of law enforcement, they have incredible courage and my enormous respect for willing to serve their communities. I am following this incident closely – it is senseless and tragic. Bottom of my heart, I hope not one was seriously injured.”

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