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2002 riot case: Gujarat court rejects bail requests of Testa Setalvad, RP Srikumar

Ahmedabad Court of Sessions on Saturday denied bail requests of Activist based in Mumbai Testa Setalvad & Retired Gujarat DGP RB Srikumar in condition of Conspiracy and fabrication of Evidence relating to the 2002 Gujarat riots, saying that their release on Bail “will tacitly encourage the guilty to do so in despite of do this kind of accusations against then CM et al, the court slightly enlarged the accused on Bail”.

Setalvad and Srikumar have been arrested on June 25, one day after Supreme court in Her ruling supported the clean chit before special Investigation team (Sitting) The then President of Gujarat minister Narendra Modi in Gujarat riots of 2002, petition rejected by wife of Zakia Jafri of Representative of the slain Congress, Ihsan Jafri. Setalvad, Srikumar and the third accused former IPS Officer Sanjeev Bhatt, who Arrested earlier this monthPresented as witnesses in Jeffrey’s complaint in 2006.

The June 24 Supreme Court ruling noted that these responsible for Keep “pot boiling” over The past 16 years “need to be in dock and embarked with in According with Law”.

pronounced by the court of Additional hearings Judge d. Dr.. remembrance on today of retired and a little hours Far from the farewell ceremony, the referee concluded that “in (the case) on On the one hand, the accused applicants (Sitalvad and Srikumar) have in Conspiracy with others with a view To discredit it then CM (Modi) and others made accusations against government who – which post- Riots in Godhra sponsored by (Gujarat) government And thus tarnish the reputation of the state not only in country but in world also And the with Thus the ulterior motive is obtained personally goal and cash benefit from one Political faction, etc countries…”.

The court said it is important to note that in Zakia Jafri’s complaint dated June 8, 2006, “was directed by these and other defendants.” “that it also It is important to note that in complaint of Jafri, current applicant Srikumar, Sanjeev Bhatt and others were presented as witnesses in That complaint (June 8, 2006), if the foregoing defendants are expanded on Bail then would tacitly encourage to wrong Do (sic, doers) that in despite of do this kind of accusations against then CM et al, the court slightly enlarged the accused on surety. Therefore, given the above facts and circumstances, although the applicant is a lady and another is a retired IPS officer and an elderly person, they are not. required to be enlarged on The court said.

The court further said after carefully reviewing the data of Eyewitnesses, it appears that Setalvad “received cash from the political faction.” with a view To highlight the incident as if it was prompted and organized by (then) governmentdespite not having the same motive.”

Setalvad, Srikumar and others “actively participated in the in conspiracy against then CM Ministers, police officers as well as bureaucrats…”, the court noted. He-he also He said Setalvad “tried to press media’ and ‘I wrote a letter to a court friend,’ which showed that she ‘has nature to obstruct the investigation in Current state, if maximized on Bail”.

detection of Crime Branch (DCB) Police Station in Ahmedabad on June 25 FIR . Report has been submitted against Srikumar, Bhatt and Stalvad, based on Extensive quotes from the Supreme Court ruling and its appendices, with mention of the period of “incident of Between January 1, 2002 and June 25, 2022.

The SIT was formed under DCB To investigate the case, he then submitted an affidavit before the Sessions Court opposing the bail claims of Setalvad and Srikumar. In an affidavit provided by SIT, Setalvad’s statement disputes plea for Bail, SIT submitted that its “political objective while carrying out this larger plot, was to separate or destabilize.” of The elected government in Gujarat by hook or crook”, for obtained by Setalvad illegally financial And other benefits and rewards from the political party” for involvement and litigationvarious The authorities and other innocents in the state of Gujarat including the then president minister. “

arguments in Setalvad and Srikumar bail applications completed on On July 21, the court subsequently retained its ruling provisionally for On July 26, the court postponed the verdict of The sentence was handed down until July 28 and then July 29 because of its magnitude record And the judge is sick in Temporary, pronouncement at the end on Saturday.

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