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20 tankers gutted in Nowshera depot fire – Pakistan

PESHAWAR: Severe fire destroys at least 20 oil tankers parked at Tarujaba oil depot in Novshersky district on Saturday.

Police and 1122 rescue officials said the fire started around 3:00 pm and was brought under control late at night.

Neither the police nor the 1122 rescue service said anything. how the flame started. Video clip of Incident posted online showed several parked oil tankers in in yard with some of they were engulfed in flames.

Another video shows huge flames and puffs of smoke. rising from the depot like some people ran away from the place.

Rescue 1122 official said at least 20 firefighters vehicles took part in burdensome effort to deliver out flame.

firefighting vehicles from Charsadda, Mardan and Peshawar were also called in for extinguishing fire.

Police official said Dawn that one the person was injured in flame. He said place which usually houses drivers and the transporters were almost empty at that time of incident, like most of in drivers went to his homes for Id.

He also expressed ignorance about the degree of damage caused through fire.

The 1122 rescue service, released earlier, said there were about 150 tankers in the parking lot. in in yard and about 20 were gutted in flame.

Published in Dawn, May 1, 2022

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