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2 dead8 wounded in shooting outside McDonald’s CTA Station on Police and witnesses say not far from north side – Chicago Tribune

Started mass shooting with fight among group of teenagers left two people dead and eight injured late Thursday night, a few blocks from the Magnificent Mile, according to Chicago police. who say they have one Human in guardianship.

Another victim received burns, possibly as a result of a wound. on the nearby CTA Red Line subway station, according to a witness and a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department.

The shooting happened around 22:40. in block 800 of north state street outside at the Chicago Avenue subway station and McDonald’s at 10 E. Chicago Ave., Chicago police said. in a media notification.

dead have not yet been identified and the police have not released any details about the victims.

As of early Friday morning, the police arrested one man and restored gun from the stage of in attack.

The doctors responded took five gunshot wounds and one burn the victim area hospitals, said chief Juan Hernandez, spokesman with in fire department.

One victim was in “serious” condition and other gunshot wounds were all in take seriously critical Condition, Hernandez said.

They were taken to the Illinois Mason, Stroger, and Northwestern Memorial hospitals, Hernandez said.

Red line train passing through area was stopped between stations while the authorities searched for weapon in subway rails, Hernandez said, adding that the department evacuated CTA passengers at around 11:30 p.m.

Shortly before, respondents were seen deleting people – at least two who was seriously wounded by area between McDonald’s and the subway entrance on northeast corner of State Street and Chicago Avenue.

In the midst of chaos of shooting aftermath, the woman shouted to the officer standing at the entrance to the station: “Which hospital? My brother shot himself!”

While paramedics and police were at the scene fight flashed between two people through street. Shortly after 23:15 group crossed the line of police tape and argued with officers before they were pushed back.

Two women were among those taken on stretcher. One sat up and remained silent as the paramedics lifted her into the ambulance.

18-year-old Deonna Jackson came downtown to hang herself. out with her friends.

“I received off train and I noticed group of teenagers fight,” Jackson said. “The teenagers rushed to me and everyone attacked one man — they were jumping on someone.”

“I am kind of used to what’s going on right here, but I just don’t interfere.”

Jackson separated from the fight and “made it to corner”.

Then a girl came up to her, asked what was happening, and then asked Jackson: for her help explaining that she was trying to find her friend who may have been involved in in fight.

But then someone in White car pulled out up to them and she”found her people” said Jackson. who started making it way to 7-Eleven through street.

“All of came sudden shots off”, – said Jackson. “I flew inside of in store (7-eleven)”.

When hail of The shooting stopped, she ran outside try and help victims. “I was scared,” Jackson said.

“I ran to people who lay on in street”, Jackson said. “They (the victims) were on sidewalk in front of McDonald’s.

Jackson said at least one the man who was shot turned out to be a man in he is 20, while many others are probably people in their teenagers. Jackson recognized the other victim as possibly a homeless woman in her 60s. who asks regularly for change with it corner.

Young woman who according to Jackson, suffered burns, may have been hit by a CTA third rail. who said she saw a woman half-dressed walking out of Station, with injury to her back.

Jackson at last made This is home around 2:30 but didn’t pick up the CTA as the service was still down in that area.

“My head is actually spinning right now,” Jackson said. in text message.

There were no suspects in in custody, Chicago Police spokesman Tom Ahern said. in tweet just after 23:00

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