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19-year-old killed in shooting at Nordstrom in Mall of America, police say

A 19-year- the old man was killed on Friday night in shooting at store in shopping center of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, police said.

The victim, whose identity has not been released, was shot while fight this happened on in first floor of This was reported to journalists by the chief of police Nordstrom Booker Hodges.

Video from the security of the shopping center recorded a quarrel, which took place between two groups of between five and nine people. In time fight the male pulled out a gun and fired several shots at the victim, Hodges said.

It was not clear what led to fight. He said group of five to seven people fled out door after the shooting, and no arrests were made. made How of late Friday.

Hodges expressed his disappointment with situation and called on anyone participate in transforming yourself in.

“It’s a tragedy and I’m really trying to hold back how I’m really worried about this, but we’re going to catch these people believe,” he said.

He said that his thoughts were with victims’ family who “I have to bury one of their loved ones.”

“They in pain, and that’s right, and for something that should didn’t happen,” Hodges said.

The shooting took place shortly before 8 p.m. and the mall was placed on quarantine. Shopping center tweeted at 22:10 to remove the lock.

It is happened on in busy shopping on the eve of Christmas. Hodges said that 16 officers were in Shopping center Friday, including one near Nordström who heard shots.

According to Hodges, the bullet grazed a passerby’s coat, but no other injuries were reported.

Shopping center that opened in 1992 experimented with metal detectors in some of his entries earlier this year, reported by KARE. The mall told the station then that it was testing options “it may allow us to further enhance the security systems.

Earlier this year, the man fired three shots in front of a store in Shopping center, according to the TV channel.

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