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110 districts hit flood like the locals race save Dadu – Pakistan

• 45 pcs. of washed away the arable land of the country, the total damage amounted to $ 10 billion
• About 1,200 people have been killed since June 14th.
• Johi, Mehar tenderloin off from other areas
• The weather bureau predicts more rains, floods this month

DADU / ISLAMABAD: Sindh tensed for for now more flood on Thursday as a splash of water flowed down Indus river leaving parts of The Dadu area is flooded.

Meanwhile, Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman told the summit that “monstrous” monsoon floods have washed away 45 percent of of arable land of the country, mainly in Sindh and caused about 10 billion dollars in damage on whole. According to her, about 70% of districts in the country is now under water. In general, a third of Pakistan – or area about size of Great Britain is flooded.

According to official data, number of affected areas currently stands at 110, including 34 in Balochistan, 33 years old in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 16 in Sindh and others in Punjab, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir.

in Dadu, with Khairpur Nathan Shah city already flooded, residents of Johi and Mehar raced against time to defend their cities.

50,000 citizens of Johi and 10,000 flood-affected people who came here from various flood-hit villages are under threat as water levels rising together with ring embankment in Johi city.

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Tariq Rind, resident of Johi said Dawn that 600 villages of The Dadu area was flooded and many people found themselves in a difficult position due to lack of of boats. They are also faced with lack of food and water.

To reduce pressure on embankments of In the cities of Johi and Dadu, the irrigation department has made a 1,000-foot-wide cut in the MNV outlet near Lake Manchar.

Men, women as well as children gathered work goes into shape new dams and reinforce existing using sandbags, rocks, etc. materials. Apart from fellow countrymen songs the roar from the loudspeakers is a major morale booster for those who work tirelessly to put something in in way of the water is ready to swallow huge streaks of landscape.

The death toll reached 1191 people.

The flood claimed the lives of at least 1,191 people. people including 399 children, with 21 deaths reported in in last 24 hours.

The meteorological office even predicts more rain and floods this month. “In general, the trend for normal to normal precipitation possible over country in September,” the statement said. in released monthly forecast on Thursday.

military said on On Thursday, about 50,000 people were evacuated. people, including 1,000 by air, since the rescue work began.

“We on heightened alarm as water flowing downstream from the northern flood is expected to enter the province. over in next a few days,” provincial Sindh. government This was announced by the press secretary Murtaza Wahab. Reuters news agency.

He said flow of about 600,000 cubic feet second expected to inflate the Indus by experiencing it flood defense.

Less than 10 feet of water

In Khairpur Nathan Shah the water level rose by 10 feet causing thousands of families without housing. The inhabitants migrated from one place another place in Search of nutrition, according to Hafiz Amin Jamali, President of community action committee.

When the Indian Highway flooded, Mehar also was cut off from other areas. Residents continued to raise the level of the ring embankment for protection city.

“We have been working on building and strengthening this dam since early morning,” said Damshad Ali, 20. Reuterspromising to stay in in the floodstruck area with his family.

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Another man called nearby. for help. “I appeal to all young men come join strengthening the dam, God willing, we will save city of Mekhar from the flood waters,” he said from the mound. of sandbags like the locals joined an effort. Dadu city is also under threat from four sides.

45% of arable land washed away

government on Thursday said: “monster monsoon floods washed away 45% of arable land of the country, mainly in Sindh and caused 10 billion dollars in damage.

Federal Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman shared the numbers at a summit co-hosted by her ministry and UNICEF. in Islamabad at briefing young leaders on country’s vulnerability to climate change.

She said Sindh was a food basket of country and its 45pcs area was washed away by severe flooding that would have brought economic disruption in in future.

“My generation led a carbon-intensive lifestyle, and you will have to decide on one the level that we have to change in our lives,” she said. young participants.

“There has never been such an environmental and humanitarian crisis, and we should consider this the main climate of the decade event. Like 70 pcs of Pakistan (districts) are under water because of climate disaster, don’t mistake that it’s all humanmade disaster will not go back automatically,” she said.

Our folklore and songs was on the rainy season that used to be of two or three spells, but this monster flood. Our helicopters could not reach off earth because of the incessant rains and inclement weather,” she said.

Published in Dawn, September 2, 2022

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