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10 screenshots: Do you know which games can be seen on them?

It is not always easy to see which game it is. (Screenshot: Ubisoft)
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You think you can Recognize video game at first glance? Then we have just the right quiz for you: 10 screenshots that are guaranteed to make you ponder.

We have therefore selected ten really tricky pictures that should pose a challenge even to the greatest video game enthusiasts among you. From modern games to classics from the first Playstation, we paid attention to a wide selection. So prove in our quiz that you can recognize a video game even from the smallest details in a screenshot. Have fun.

Not as easy as you thought, right? The interesting thing is that a screenshot often shows a lot about the design of the game. What tricks did the developers use? Which graphical features did you use? How do you incorporate gameplay mechanics into the environment? Developing a video game is really not easy and if you look closely, you can already see on a screenshot how much meticulous work has been done on the title.

Should you want to learn more about the story behind the graphics, have we have put together a few articles for you here. So you can find out more about how these impressive screenshots can actually be created.

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