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10 misconceptions some gamers have about the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

10 misconceptions some players have about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild is, in all likelihood, one of the most beloved titles in the entire Zelda saga. And with a highly anticipated second part by owners of a Nintendo Switch, from Game Rant they have wanted to collect 10 misconceptions that fans of the game have had about what surrounds it and what may come.

Thus, we can contemplate misconceptions such as the following:

  • A female Link like protagonist. A misconception was formed as a result of a joke by Eiji Aonuma about the possibility of a female character as the protagonist. Seeing the stir formed among the fans, Aonuma retracted that joke confirming that the protagonist of the trailer was, indeed, male.
  • The titles carry a continuity. Although it was never carried out officially, the fans had some theories that tied ends between the different games in the saga, coming together in Breath of the Wild. However, after the publication of the book The Hyrule Historia, all this fell apart … although it is also true that the book has its own contradictions.
  • All Gerudo men are evil . This is a somewhat equivocal theory because, in reality, Link does not come across anyone except Ganon. That Gerudo men are destined to control great power does not mean that they are all mean.
  • Not easy for beginners . Although some of the systems in Breath of the Wild may overwhelm the most novice at first, the truth is that it is a very intuitive game to which they soon adapt.
  • The mechanics of breaking weapons is tedious. Actually, it ends up being everything On the contrary, although at first it may seem tedious to always look for new weapons, it is much more fun to find and learn their movement system.
  • It takes more than 100 hours to complete . It’s actually the most versatile Zelda in terms of timing, allowing the player to go after Ganon early on if they want to. Completing all the secondary missions is another story.
  • It is a Nintendo Switch exclusive . It really isn’t, as the game is also on Wii U and some mechanics were designed with the Wii U tablet controller in mind.
  • Link and Zelda are elves . Their appearance and Link’s relationships with Kokiri in Ocarina of Time may lead one to think so, but they are not elves, they are Hylians.
  • Zelda is a goddess . This conception comes from a mistranslation of a previous title, where it was hinted that Zelda is the reincarnation of the goddess Hylia, but in reality she only has her blood.
  • You have to find all the objects in the game. You do not have to collect all the resources that we find in the game. These elements make the journey easier, yes, but it is not something that has to be fulfilled yes or yes to enjoy the game.

What do you think of these conceptions? Did you have any about Breath of the Wild?


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